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These are answers to  questions that I get all the time.

1. Is your hair natural?

Yes, it is naturally curly and naturally red (more like auburn really). My grandmother had red hair, so that’s where I get it from. And no, I won’t trade, sorry.

2. How in the world can you travel so much?

There are many parts to this answer. One main reason is the fact that I have no debt, student loans, etc. (Yes, I did go to college and grad school, but no debt!) My car is paid off and my rent is fairly cheap (for California anyways). I choose to live simply in these areas so that I can travel. I would rather have less here and travel more there. Being single definitely helps as well. And I have a great job that lets me take a lot of time off. I truly feel like I am living a dream. God has been so good to me!

3. What has been your favorite country so far?

I get asked this a lot (well, I get ALL of these questions a lot!) and it’s really hard to answer because I have loved them all. They are all unique and fun in their own way. I guess of all of them I’d have to say England is my very favorite place to go. It has everything you could want. Castles, rolling green hills, beautifully manicured gardens, gorgeous lakes and beaches, fascinating museums, a very cosmopolitan capital city with all the culinary choices you could want (Except Mexican =) At least so far as I have found), a bustling and thriving downtown with old churches and theatres, the echo of delightful accents in a language you (mostly) can understand, fun shopping and a fascinating history full of all the literary classics you grew up reading. I truly love England and think everyone should visit at least once.

4. What is your most memorable traveling experience?

I guess the memory that stands out the most would be selling my hair in London. That is a day I will never forget. We ended up getting in to the hotel much later than expected, which left me only 15 minutes to change, do my hair, and my makeup before the hairbuyer arrived. We had to hurry since my salon appointment was already booked and we had to make it over there after he hacked off my hair. I was a bit frazzled when he arrived, and my hair looked awful since we had been flying all night and had just arrived. But he still bought it anyways. We had to go down to the hotel gym since they wouldn’t let us check in to our rooms yet. So we went down and had the hotel staff constantly checking on us. Later we realized we were in the guy’s locker room, so perhaps that’s why they were suspicious. After he cut off my hair we took the Tube over to the salon and while they touched up and styled my hair, he took my friend over to see Westminster Abbey. After that we went over to St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Thames to do some post salon photos for his online portfolio and then we were on our own to explore the city. What a fun experience that all was, and I’ll never forget it.

Another interesting memory was spending 3 days in remote Alaska without my luggage…until they finally had room on the plane to send it over. =)

5. So how many stamps do you have in your passport?

(Not sure why everyone asks this but they do)I have about 19 now with 2 visas. When you cross a land border in Europe, you generally won’t get a stamp in your passport. So I  have less stamps than I do countries visited.

6. Why did you chop off your hair, did you donate it?

No, I sold it. I tried once before to donate my hair but the girls at the salon didn’t really know what they were doing and wanted to chop it off at my ears. So I said no and just got a regular cut. By the next time my hair was that long, I had heard that natural hair was in high demand (especially red hair) and that I could sell it. So I found a buyer online and we met up in London since that’s where he lives and that’s where I was headed on vacation anyways. And to answer everyone’s next two questions, I got $1600 for it and no I am not planning on doing it again.

7. If you could give one piece of advice to every single person in the world, what would it be? (Okay, so no one has asked me this question, but I am going to answer it anyways because it’s my blog and I want to =) )

If I could tell everyone one thing it would be that the answer to what they are looking for in their life is Jesus Christ. People often try to fill that empty void in their lives by everything BUT Jesus, but they will never be truly happy until they turn to Him. The decision I made to follow Him was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I could spend the rest of my life traveling this entire world, but at the end of my life, what would that matter? Knowing that I have a home in Heaven, that God is my father, and that He watches over me, offers me a peace that nothing else ever could. Being a follower of Jesus gives my life purpose and meaning, contentment and peace. And no matter what happens to me on this earth, my home and treasure are in Heaven and that is the best assurance in the world. More info on how you can have this assurance too.

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