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You are a prince/ss

Imagine you are a princess and you live in a beautifully designed stone castle. It’s situated high atop a cliff, overlooking a sparkling blue ocean. From your perch on the cliff you can feel the cool sea breezes as they drift by, carrying with them a sweet aroma of honeysuckle from the flowers far below. You let the breeze blow through your hair and caress your face as you sit and take in the awesome beauty surrounding you. The rose gardens to the left, the beautiful archways to the right. The magnificent, glistening ocean below. The towering parapets of the castle above. The clear, baby blue sky overhead. The warm rays of sunshine splashed across your skin. It is a beautiful day, worthy of the fairy-tale castle in which you live. It’s about lunchtime and your stomach rumbles as you think about the meal the chefs are preparing inside that monstrous kitchen. The anticipation of a large banquet causes you to daydream of a juicy steak perfectly done. The table is spread with all of your favorite things, and you know that if you want anything else during the course of the meal, a uniformed chef will be right there take your order to the kitchen himself. You can just taste the pork loin chops, salmon, lobster, garlic roasted chicken, toffee cheesecake, lemonade… anything and everything runs through your mind as your stomach tells you it’s time to eat. A maid comes to tell you that the King says the meal is ready. Slowly you get up from your spot in the sun and brush the grass off your dress. For a moment you stop to admire the sparkling sunlight as it reflects from the diamonds on your bracelet. Oh, it’s hard work being a princess! Especially a princess whose father is the most important king in all the land. He is respected throughout the kingdom, even in other kingdoms, indeed he is respected the whole world over. In turn that powerful king has bestowed all his riches on his only daughter, YOU! You thank the maid who turns back to the castle. Oh, you think, that food sounds good, but I don’t think I’ll walk all the way over to the castle. I think I will see what I can find over in the garbage, Maid has probably tossed food out recently. Behind the castle you find the garbage and eagerly begin digging through it. What treasures will you find today? A rotten banana…Well, it’s not all rotten, here’s a spot that looks decent. You break it open and ravenously eat the part that isn’t quite brown yet. A moldy muffin? Wait, it’s not all moldy, it’s just a little moldy. Some of it is still good. You eat that as well. A half eaten sandwich? After brushing off the ants you take a bite. After a while you hear the crunching of leaves as someone approaches. Partly ashamed, partly defiant, you turn to look. It’s the KING himself! “Daddy!” you cry. “What are you doing?,” he asks, “don’t you know we have a banquet spread inside? You can have anything that you want. Why are you digging through the garbage? There’s nothing good in there!” “Oh but Daddy, there IS! See, I found a muffin, it’s only partly moldy. And a banana, look!” You eagerly show him all the things you found. Disgusted he turns away. “Why do you persist in finding your food in the garbage when you know this is not healthy for you? All this bad food will make you sick, don’t you know I care about you? I want what’s best for you.” You frown a a very non-princesslike frown and begin to pout. “You just don’t want me to have any fun. You just have to spoil everything don’t you? You just want me to be miserable and you always tell me what I can’t do.” The King turns and smiles a sad smile. “Do you really think that? Do you really think I prepared a banquet for you to make you miserable? If you had only done what I said, and come inside you could have had anything your heart desired. Don’t you remember I’m the most powerful king in all the land?” You only pout and stomp. “Maybe it would be more fun down there with the rest of the people,” you say angrily as you point to a small island in the great sea below. The people there are so very far away right now, you can hardly see them. But you know, you remember, for you’ve been down there before! It was a  long time ago…. You can’t really remember how hard life was down there, but you do remember it seemed like you had more freedom. No one there cared if you ate from the garbage. No one there cared what you did. They all must have wanted you to be happy! Doesn’t the king see all this? You turn back to the king, “Just go away, I don’t want you right now,” you yell. Sadly he turns away, his shoulders slumped. “Alright, I’ll go, but I’m always here. And I still love you and want what’s best for you, even if you don’t understand it right now. Someday you will just have to learn to trust me.”

I think a lot of Christians are like this. They have been bought, redeemed, made a child of THE KING, and yet they forget what their former life was really like. They forget the bondage and enslavement. They forget that they have been set free from that, no longer do they have to be ensnared. They have been given the ability to walk in freedom now. They think that all the “rules” they have now are to make them miserable. They forget that the King has a banquet spread for them, a beautiful mansion waiting for them,  instead they would rather go dig in the garbage of this world. Don’t watch movies that would not glorify God? (“but it’s not all bad and moldy, see, here’s a good part right here! “) Dress modestly? Stay pure till marriage? (“you just don’t want me to have any fun!”)

But our King is too wise to give in to our selfish, immature complaints. He knows what’s best for us, and He always has. That’s why He gave us the Bible, to show us how we are to live, and how we can truly have the best life possible! (it might not always look like we think it should) Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” Over and over again in the Bible our King tells us that if we walk with Him, He will bless us and give us more than we could possibly imagine!!

Doesn’t being a prince or princess sound awesome? To have a cool castle, innumerable gardens bursting with lush green lawns and vibrant flowers, anything we could ever want, banquets every day for the rest of our lives, maids and servants and chefs, expensive cars and horses, the most fashionable wardrobes, jewels of incalcuable value, fame and power, prestige and honor? We have been given far more than that and the best is yet to come! Don’t let this world trap you into thinking this is all we have right here and now and so you better live it up while you can. This IS all the world will ever have, but not so with us. We have been given the greatest gift possible! Don’t forget that you are a child of the King, let it show!

Prov 10:22, Matt 6:33, Jer 33:3, Jam 1:17, Matt 7:11, Psalm 107:8-14, Psalm 16:11 etc..

Don’t let this world blur the reality of things to come!

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