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Adventures in the Snow

May 2, 2019

Friends! I’m alive. This blog is mostly dead, but I am not. Thankfully – I think.

Anyway….I’m remembering the reason I started this blog in the first place – to kill some dead time at work. So maybe in my slow moments here and there I will start updating it again, who knows.

Winter is still hanging around Wisconsin these days, it doesn’t seem to really want to let go. This California girl is having serious doubts about why God led her here…but for now it is what it is. But while we are talking about the weather – it snowed last Saturday. April 27th. And I’m beginning to wonder why I thought it was a good idea to plan a trip to Ireland for May. Why did I not think I would want to go somewhere warm and sunny? While I am not usually a fan of the cold, snowy weather here, the snow transforms everything into something simply magical, and I am a fan of magical. I mean, look at these pictures.

I feel a bit like a college student who just lost an entire paper without saving it, since something weird happened and my entire post is gone. Alllll those words. Sometimes I really hate the internet here – because I most definitely saved it as I went along. But the internet in this office is often spotty. Or maybe it’s WordPress’s fault. Either way, I’m debating whether or not I want to type up the entire thing again or just say “nah, here are some pictures.”

But, I will try again. A shorter version this time, without all the details because I just don’t feel like doing that again.

I first heard about the House on the Rock when I moved to Wisconsin 2 years ago. People either told me they had visited “30 years go” or that they had never been. Either way, I was often told I needed to go. But no one raved about it like we did when we walked through it. No one warned us about just how crazy the place is. About how much we really DID need to go. I’m not sure why they didn’t, but I am here to rave about it in their place. If you live in Wisconsin, you need to go. If you are just passing through, you need to go. It’s weird and definitely worth seeing.


Initially the $29.95 price tag seemed a bit steep, but once we were about halfway through we agreed it was worth it. Just cleaning the place alone must cost a fortune. It’s huge. And there are lots of things to clean. Ha.





If you go, bring a camera. It’s fairly dark inside all of the rooms so unless you have an amazing phone camera, it’s pretty hard to get good pictures inside. (We tried allll the settings and angles, ha.) Also, bring a water bottle with you (and snacks!). And plan to spend several hours there. We spent 5 hours inside and could have spent longer.


Then, when you are finished and want a good place to get some food, check out Shifflet’s Bar and Grill at the Wisconsin River Resort. Great location. Great food. Great prices.

I can’t wait to go back to Spring Green and check out more of the area – it’s a beautiful part of Wisconsin!

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