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Traveling Again

February 23, 2019

IMG_0082You know those moments when God drops an unexpected surprise in your lap? That happened to me a few months ago (2.5 to be exact) when a friend asked if I wanted to come to the UAE by any chance. (Um, YES. The answer is always yes if it involves me traveling somewhere) Dubai has long been on my “someday” bucket list so I was pretty over-the-top excited at her suggestion that I come out to Abu Dhabi and take some pictures for her (traveling and photography are two of my fave things in life). And then just a few weeks ago she asked if I could come near the beginning of February. Again, um, yes, the weather here in Wisconsin has been ridiculously cold. Yes, I will gladly travel anyplace that is warm. And with that she booked me a ticket to the UAE and I started packing (well, actually I didn’t start packing till the night before, but I started mentally prepping.)


Airshow practice outside Rachel’s apartment. Pretty impressive and loud as they kept flying so close to us.


And to say that that trip was a blast would be an understatement. I LOVED the UAE just as much as I thought I would. So much good food. So many pretty buildings. Such fabulous weather. And so many great pictures taken. It was such an unexpected gift from God (and Rachel) and I am forever grateful for the way He spoils me with such undeserved blessings.









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