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Iceland, Finally.

September 14, 2018

Guys…I know. It’s been 4 months since I got back from Iceland and all I’ve posted is 3 pictures. Who have I even become? If you follow me on instagram  then you’ve seen a few more. But I have thousands of pictures, obviously. Iceland is easily one of the most photogenic countries I’ve been to, and, well…you know me and my camera. We’re good friends. 😉

Iceland had always been a dream destination for me, even before the huge tourism boom of the last 5+ years. But the time was never just right to do the trip that I wanted to do. And then tourism exploded in Iceland. Wow air started offering cheap flights from more US destinations, and Wow and Icelandic Air started offering free layovers (up to 7 days) in Iceland. And then of course Instagram happened. Before Instagram started in 2010, people had to mostly already know where they wanted to travel. They had to do research, read books, or watch travel programs. Now, people just scroll through edited and filtered Instagram pictures and decide where they want to based on the pictures they see posted by their favorite Instagram influencer. As a proponent of slow, meaningful travel (when at all possible) , I’m obviously not impressed by the influx of insta-tourists that are flooding already saturated areas. So when Iceland travel really started taking off, I knew I had to get there sooner rather than later before everything became overrun and over-regulated.

And thankfully both the timing and the travel partners came together perfectly in May of this year. After planning for well over a year, we set off on the trip of a lifetime. This was by far the most challenging trip I’ve ever planned, and even with all the planning not all the details worked out smoothly, but it was still a really great trip and I would definitely love to go back someday.


These are just some of the hundreds of pictures I took on my camera. I didn’t expect to take more pictures on my phone than on my camera, but that’s what happened due to the weather. If I go back to Iceland someday I will take a waterproof case for my camera. With how unpredictable the weather is in Iceland, and after getting stuck in a downpour that lasted for a few hours, I decided to leave the camera in the car most of the time. But it was still fun shooting the times I did take it out.

When I look back on this trip, I am so, so thankful for it. It was an adventure, it was fun catching up with friends, and it was such a beautiful display of God’s amazing Creation. If you get the chance to go to Iceland someday, do it!


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  1. September 21, 2018 9:10 am

    Incredibly beautiful!

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