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Spring is coming!

March 18, 2018

For several weeks now, Olga, Michael and I had been planning to go down to Chicago yesterday for St. Patrick’s day and to see the river dyed green. But then things came up and they decided it was best to stay local for the weekend. So I decided to use the extra free time to get errands done. (A totally free Saturday is so rare since we’re usually out exploring on Saturdays.)

But the day was just so nice that they ended up calling me while I was on my way to Madison and after I got my errands run, we met up at Blue Mounds State Park to do some hiking/exploring.

They had stopped in Mt. Horeb on the way in while waiting for me to get there and said it was fun, so I stopped there on the way back home. And then followed signs to check out Stewart Lake Park while I was there.

All in all it was such a great day of getting things accomplished (boring things like an oil change and new tires’ lug nuts retorqued and fun things like buying a new laptop in anticipation of getting back into photography and buying new photo editing software – my old laptop is too old and slow to add any new programs) and of fellowship, exercise, and exploring.

I love days like that.

*I’m trying out publishing from the WordPress app without changing photo size, etc like I usually do. This is faster but it might not be pretty.

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