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Have you ever crossed something off your bucket list without even knowing it? That night I saw an icebow…

February 9, 2017

Ever since I heard about icebows, it’s been on my bucket list to see one. And then last night I saw one and didn’t even know that’s what it was!img_9666

Last night I forgot something I needed at the front house and as I was walking up to get it, I glanced up at the sky (I love the night sky!) and was shocked to see a huge white ring around the moon! I had no idea what it was but excitedly ran to tell my mom and brother and then ran for my camera. I wasn’t sure how long it would stay like that, but thankfully it lasted long enough for me to play around a bit with my settings and focus to get some okay pictures. Would have been better if I could have set infinity focus and or used a tripod. But still, it totally made my night and I’m so thankful God let me see it!

img_9661At first googling, it appeared to be a “moonbow” so I went with that. But then after some more googling, I realized it was actually an icebow! Eek! I had thought they only showed up in the day and in snowy/icy places, but I guess not. I also learned that if you use a long exposure you can capture the colors that our eyes can’t see. Apparently icebows aren’t really just the white color that we can see. Next time!img_9671

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