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Fireworks and Trip Planning

October 30, 2016

I’ve been sitting at my computer ALL day today researching 3 different upcoming trips. The one that has been taking up the most time is a road trip I’m planning up PCH from LA to San Francisco. And hopefully over to Point Reyes. I haven’t been to Point Reyes yet but oh my goodness, it looks amazing. I hadn’t even heard of Alamere Falls until today. Now I’m trying to figure out how we can squeeze everything in. There is WAY too much to see in California on just a 5 day trip. My Dutch friend is flying in and I want to show her EVERYTHING, but I’m realizing that’s just not possible and I’m not sure what to cut out. Everything is so fabulous. But the planning of it is making my brain hurt.

In between all of that research, I’ve been trying to look up shore excursions for an upcoming Caribbean cruise AND trying to look for houses in Chile. Just in case I decide to go there next year.

Thank goodness today is a day off! AND my roommate is gone, so the internet is working ok. When we both try to use it it basically just stops working. =( Yesterday was Diwali and today is a holiday for everyone here in Fiji. Which makes me happy since all the fireworks last night kept us awake till after 1 am. I have never in my life seen so many fireworks. They were going off in every direction around our house! For HOURS. And it was raining the entire time. Combined with all the “Diwali” lights that everyone puts up on their houses (they look just like Christmas lights) it felt so odd. The weather didn’t feel like the 4th of July, but the fireworks did. And the lights looked like Christmas. But it’s October. Anyway, after a few hours of trying to get pictures from the house, I went outside in the rain and got some video of the fireworks that our neighbors were shooting off. These pictures below are just from our front door. The phone doesn’t take great pictures but I was too lazy to go get my camera, although I wish I would have – it would have been a great time to experiment with fireworks photography.

Counting the days now until I am home. 3 weeks from today. So bittersweet!

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