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V is for Vanuatu

April 1, 2016

So apparently updating from my phone doesn’t work so well. At least not when the internet is super sketchy. Thought I’d take advantage of the time I have here with nothing I *have* to do and update the blog a bit.

I’m sitting at the Coconut Palms Resort (sounds better than it is. My room is like a hostel room, but at least it’s private. Just have to go down the hall to the shower and then another hall to the toilet lol.) in Port Vila, Vanuatu listening to the rain and enjoying not having a schedule.  I was supposed to fly to Tanna Island today to visit the volcano and spend the night there but I was informed after I arrived yesterday that my trip had been cancelled due to not enough participants. So they rescheduled me for another day and I had to scramble to switch around all my accommodations. Thankfully reception was able to call everyone for me and we got it all worked out.

Yesterday at the airport I was so surprised to run into another American solo traveler! (Vanuatu isn’t really a mainstream American destination lol) We both needed to catch the bus so we stuck together and found it (with the help of a friendly Vanuatuan). As we were getting ready to hop on, 3 British girls arrived to join us (I had pointed them in the direction of the bus earlier, but somehow we beat them there) and we all piled in after smashing all our luggage into the back seat. It was fun chatting with them all for a while while we all peered out the window, amused at our surroundings. Port Vila is certainly not “tourist friendly.”

I haven’t pulled out the DSLR one time yet since leaving the US =( (haven’t done anything touristy yet!) so all I have are phone pics of everything.


Vanuatu from the air





This pretty hibiscus made my teeny, tiny room feel a little nicer.


Pretty and yummy pumpkin tomato soup for dinner


Little glimpse of the sunset last night

Hopefully when I arrive back in Fiji next week progress will have been made on my visa situation and everything will have worked out ok. Fingers crossed (prayers) that it all works out ok. Things in Fiji are so funny. They require *so* much documentation for everything and they want it all *certified.* So the other day as I was filling out a form for a license, I noticed at the bottom that my signature for the document had to be witnessed by either an education minister, a justice of the peace, etc. So I asked about it and was told to walk to the Education office nearby. I did and when I arrived, the man signed my forms (after I signed them) without even asking for photo ID (good thing, because I’d forgotten to bring it along on my walk!). So, they require a witnessed signature, but don’t require proof of WHO is signing it. Just an example of the oddity of things over there. =) Just praying that if God wants me to stay there He will work it all out. I’m actually still waiting on letters of reference that Fiji requires. I thought I had brought along all that was required, but apparently there is much more that is required. They want certified letters of reference from all of my employers! So I’m just waiting on those. *Then* I think my visa can be applied for. Whew. It’s been an interesting month!

But in the meantime I’m just going to enjoy exploring Vanuatu. =)



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