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Rebuilding Fiji

March 7, 2016
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The house I live in, here in Fiji, is directly under the flight path for the huge relief planes coming in from Australia (and New Zealand?). They are huge planes. And LOUD. It’s such a rush to be outside when they come zooming overhead at a very low altitude, getting ready to land at the nearby airport. Regular Fiji Airways planes fly overhead periodically, and they are loud, too. But nothing like these big planes coming in to bring aid to the cyclone-devastated parts of Fiji. I love hearing them rumble loudly overhead and watching that huge hunk of metal fly so close overhead. It is a bit scary, though. Maybe one of these days I will happen to snap a picture of one of them. It makes me a bit sad to think of all those supplies that are needed to rebuild the villages that were totally devastated. But also proud of all the countries and people that are coming over to help. Yesterday we were in the little mall (of sorts) in Suva and saw three NZ military guys posing for pictures with random Fijians who came up and asked to take pictures with them. They took picture after picture as the people kept coming up. My housemate mentioned that those guys must feel like celebrities. =)

I haven’t seen a lot of the damage from Cyclone Winston, but I have seen some. Mostly trees that have been knocked down or snapped in half. But Pastor Mears says maybe I can go with a group up to Burotu sometime. I think I want to go, although I know it will be sad to see everything. The village of Burotu was totally demolished and the churches here have been going up to help out.

Anyway, things are going well here. I have a MILLION things I could write about, and I WOULD post pictures for you, but my sketchy internet refuses to let me do that. =( I guess I have to just be thankful for the sporadic moments when it lets me catch up on my email!

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