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Northern Lights Tonight

February 13, 2016

Tonight we got home around…actually I’m not sure when we got home. Maybe 10:30? We sat in the car and talked for a while while (haha) looking at the stars and watching for shooting stars and the northern lights. Then we hung out inside for a bit waiting but couldn’t see any action in the sky. The aurora forecasts online didn’t seem to indicate that we would see much so we decided to head to bed. But I wanted to at least go outside for a bit before actually giving up. So I got ready for bed and then happened to notice that while tonight was only a 3 (out of 10) on the indicator scale, last night had also been a 3 and they had been amazing! So I definitely wanted to give it a shot. I got everything ready and headed out. There wasn’t any movement in the sky but I did see an awesome looking cloud-like formation in the sky. It appeared to be one long cloud in the shape of a rainbow and it stretched from one side of the horizon to the other. There was no way that could be a cloud. The shape was just too odd. But it wasn’t moving at all. I decided to wait a while and then take a picture of it to see if my camera could pick up aurora that my eyes couldn’t. I started trying to take pictures of it but I kept getting completely black pictures. I couldn’t figure out why. I set my ISO higher and higher and still nothing. Then I realized I hadn’t taken the lens cap off. (In the dark it’s so much harder to do everything and you can’t see anything through the viewfinder anyway so it’s like shooting blind.) By this time that rainbow-shaped cloud-like formation had started dancing slowing at one end. Eek! I was right, it WAS the northern lights. I am so glad I waited because they started slowly dancing and shimmering and then it got better and better! Lights started poking holes in the sky all over, like spotlights shining through clouds. Some of them panned slowly across the sky like helicopter spotlights looking for criminals while others swirled and made shapes in the sky. So awesome.


J is for Jennifer



From my pictures you’d never know just how amazing it is to see them. But trust me, it’s an incredible experience. Best light show I’ve ever seen, even if it’s in slow motion.

After being outside for about an hour, I checked the weather and it said 7 degrees. No wonder I was starting to get cold. (Note to self: next time wear a hat, gloves and scarf out!)

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  1. travelfranzi permalink
    February 13, 2016 6:13 am

    Great pictures 🙂

  2. February 15, 2016 6:03 am

    Love them!

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