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New Adventures!!

December 9, 2015

I’ve been waiting on a bit more of a definite answer as to when I will be leaving the USA again before I tell everyone about my new adventure. However, it seems that once I do get a work visa, I will be most likely leaving the country quickly as I will already be late for the start of the school year, so I might as well give everyone a little notice now. =) Assuming everything works out, there are no problems with the work visa, etc, my plan is to head back overseas sometime around the end of Jan/Feb. That’s about the time-frame I had been hoping for all along, but up until recently there were zero open doors so I had assumed maybe I was supposed to stay here a bit longer. Then God surprised me and dumped something, completely out of the blue, into my lap. It’s certainly not a place I had been considering, but I’ve learned that when God is leading, it’s best to follow along and be right where He wants you. I’ve been wanting a place where I could get involved in ministry, a place that needs an extra pair of hands around, and it certainly sounds like I will be more than busy there.

I’ve lived in a couple of first world countries now, lived in a second world country, so why not try a third world country, right? Does this place look familiar? I visited there 10 years ago. (So this will be the first country I’ve moved to that I’ve actually visited before moving to. It’s also the first foreign country I ever set foot in.)DSCN0825

Yep, that’s Fiji. [This is a picture of Savusavu and I will be in Nausori, on the other main island, but close enough. =)]

I have mixed emotions about going, of course, but mostly I’m really excited.  This will certainly be another situation where I have to live by faith and rely solely on God and His provision and strength, but I know that’s the most exciting way to live so….I’m excited. =) The plan right now is to be the high school supervisor at a Christian school there, and help out in various ministries. It probably means putting a hold on traveling for a while, but not *too* much of a hold on it, as there are several close island nations I’d love to explore on school holidays ;).

I would LOVE your prayers over the next few weeks and months as there are lots of details to work out, things to learn, plans to make, things to buy and pack, etc, etc. Moving overseas is always a challenge, even if you’ve done it before. Each country is different and means different things you need to buy/bring, etc. I’d also love your prayers over the next year+ as I transition to living there, try to learn the culture, and help out in the various ministries in addition to working. I know that I can’t do any of this without God’s help and I covet your prayers while I am there.

I can see God’s hand all over these last few months of coming back from Australia and settling back into American life and then preparing everything for me to go back overseas. It’s so exciting when you can see how God is working. He has blessed me SO MUCH these last few years, I feel spoiled rotten. He is so good to His children.

I can’t promise lots of beautiful travel pictures over the next year(s) [although I will do my best to get around the South Pacific a bit more and see some stuff and post some pictures when I have time] but I think I *can* promise some adventurous and hilarious stories. Those just come part and parcel with living overseas and I can’t wait! =)

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