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A baby butterfly!

December 7, 2015



I feel like this needs some really great caption about freedom or flying or something but I’ve got nothing

So this morning this little guy came into the world, err…again, in my brother’s kitchen.  Do you think I was just a little bit excited to pull out my new camera and record this guy’s first day as a butterfly? Yes, just a little! Too bad I only read part of my camera manual last night (so many new things compared to my Rebel!) so it was a crash course in figuring out the different settings this morning, trying to capture all the bright morning light behind this guy’s wings. But what a fun experiment!





He was really attached to my brother. The only father he’s ever known, and he was trying to get him to fly out the window. Baby butterfly was having none of that.


He was quite comfortable on our hands and let me pick him up from the flowers my brother left him on and move him around to get some pictures. Such a willing model! We never could get him to eat anything, so hopefully he figured that out on his own after we left. He didn’t seem to enjoy the Santa Ana breezes blowing these leaves around, and he seemed quite hesitant to try out those wings. Although he did eventually fly a little bit.




Love all that black!




Fly free, little butterfly, and make our skies beautiful.

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