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August 6, 2015

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit American friends who are stationed on Okinawa. Before I got there I didn’t know too much about the history of the island, but I do now. =) I didn’t realize that Okinawa wasn’t originally part of Japan or that it has its own unique culture . As my friend described it, it’s kinda like what Puerto Rico is to the USA. But in this case Okinawa actually is a prefecture, whereas PR isn’t a US state. Anyway, that helped me understand the relationship between Japan and Okinawa.

I had a nice, relaxing time there. The kids taught me some new games and we did some exploring and shopping and went to some cultural events. It was a really nice getaway. While I did get to spend some time in Tokyo, next time I go to Japan I will have to see more of the mainland. There is so much to see there.


At the aquarium






Look at the eyes and lips on this thing!


This dolphn (and a ray) would NOT leave this diver/worker alone!



FIsh that can climb rocks. Very interesting to watch them jump out of the water and run across the rocks!




A “drinking fountain” that dispensed mouthwash instead of drinking water.


Looking down on the whale sharks from above


We went to the aquarium one day so I could see whale sharks since I was unable to make my schedule work to swim with them while in Australia =(


One day Michelle and the kids and I went to one of the local castle ruins to explore. [Nakagusuku Castle.]


Another day we hiked/waded through the river to get to this waterfall. So fun =)




Did you know you can play the broom? =)


One of the MANY turtle tombs around Okinawa


This sign made me smile =)


At the Eisa dance performance that we went to one night.


The little kids were so cute!




A musical road we drove down a few times. So much fun!

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