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Home Sweet Home….in the Airport Again

July 20, 2015

What a week [well, 12 days actually] this past week has been! After my adventure in getting to Okinawa, which actually turned out to be a good thing in that it let me see more of Tokyo, I spent about a week on the island sightseeing and relaxing with friends. We did a lot of relaxing, actually, since my sinuses kept acting up and that combined with the heat and humidity really knocked me out each afternoon. =( But it resulted in a nice combination of just hanging out and also sightseeing and it’s definitely going to be hard to go back to work tomorrow.

Right now I an sitting in the United Lounge at the Hong Kong airport being very thankful for my annual passes that my United credit card gives me each year. =) It’s so much nicer sitting in here getting free food and drinks and having a private space than being out there where I usually am.

I flew in from Tokyo last night at about 10:30 pm and by midnight the terminal I was in practically shut down and I didn’t see anyone else! It was so nice to stretch out and sleep for a couple of hours till the Lounge re-opened this morning and I was able to get back in, ha. I had originally planned to just stay in the airport overnight so that I could go see the Big Buddha this morning [since I ran out of time last time I was in Hong Kong] but I woke up this morning to heavy rain and thunderstorms [and the possibility that our flights might be impacted] so I guess I am just staying in the airport all day. =(

I opened youtube to play some music to drown out CNN on the tv here and youtube reminded me of this song that I love listening to. =) It’s nothing new, but if you haven’t heard it, do listen to it. Such a good reminder! I also love this song….reminds me of our trip to Jerusalem.

Just 6 more hours till my flight, ha. I still see flights taking off so here’s hoping that my flight stays on time!

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