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The adventures of Japan…so far.

July 8, 2015
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Oh the [mis]adventures of this trip!

It started out well enough, last night. I got in to Narita International Airport and easily found my friends. They took me to a mall near their house, we got some food [well, I got a cupcake since Japan Airlines gave us so much food on the plane I wasn’t hungry], went to their house, got all settled in, and I got to sleep Japanese-style at their house [so comfortable!]. Got up this morning, they took me to the train station, I made it all the way through my connections and to Haneda Domestic Airport only to find out my flight to Okinawa had been cancelled due to the typhoon there. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. If only they had let me know before I got to the airport I could have skipped the 2.5 hours I spent traveling, plus the train tickets, and stayed at my friends’ house! So I managed to get online and get my Okinawa friend’s number and have the JAL help booth call her to let her know I would not be arriving today, and then I sat down to use the free wifi and figure out a plan. JAL had booked me on a new flight for the next morning, but the jury was (is) still out on whether or not that one would also be cancelled due to the typhoon. After emailing my mom the news, she sent me info she’d found on a hostel near the airport and I just booked it without paying much attention to it. I figured I’d figure it out after I grabbed some food. Well…long story short I wrote down all the details for getting to the hostel, bought a train ticket, got all the way there and found the hostel only to discover they don’t open till 6pm and the doors were locked. I tried to use a phone back at the train station to cancel the booking since I figured there was no point in me waiting till 6pm to drop my stuff and then try to go see Tokyo, so there was no point in me staying there, but the man who finally answered spoke only Japanese and that was no help.

So….I bought another train ticket and came back to the airport to be inside out of the drizzling rain and to use the free wifi. The free wifi is pretty elusive, and I had to try about 6 different locations before I was finally able to get a very weak signal. So now I just sit here..killing time till I can drag all my stuff back over to the hostel and figure out what to do next. It’s frustrating to keep wasting money on train tickets but there’s not much else I can do.

You win some and you lose some. So far this cancelled flight felt like a loss, then a win [an extra day to see Tokyo] then a loss [can’t see it till after 6 pm and keep spending money on train tickets]…Here’s hoping things are better tomorrow. Fingers crossed for no cancelled flights, good weather, and fun times tomorrow. =)

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