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Catching up: Angkor Wat

June 30, 2015



Because I am heading out tomorrow on a 3 week trip [yay for school holidays!], and am getting seriously behind in blogging, I figured I’d better dig into some of my past travels and try to catch up a little bit. The blog will be quiet for a few weeks as I don’t have any scheduled posts, but I’ll keep on trying to catch up as I have time.

One of the highlights of my Asia trip back in February was a visit to Angkor Wat, in Cambodia. As the largest religious complex in the world, (depending on your parameters) Angkor is pretty spectacular. My real reason for being interested in it, though, was the fact that it looked pretty fun to photograph. And it certainly was! Despite the crowds, and intense heat and humidity, I was still able to get a few shots that I really liked. The place would be absolutely fabulous for a photo shoot if there was no one else there!








No it’s not a holgaish-edited picture, it just looks like that through the railings. =) That’s part of our group waiting for us below.









Do you see the moon? =)




If you get the chance to visit Angkor while on a trip to Southeast Asia and Cambodia, definitely plan to spend a while there. [They offer 7 day passes for a reason!] We only spent a few hours there and I really wished we’d had more time there!


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