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Sleeping in Singapore’s Changi Airport

June 12, 2015

Sleeping in an airport [or spending 16+ hours in one] is never fun, but if you have to do it, there’s no better place than Singapore’s fabulous Changi airport. Unlike some airports I’ve been at in early morning hours, most of Changi stays open all the time, apparently. I walked around at 2 am and saw airport workers going about business as usual. [In contrast to showing up once at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle at around 4 am and discovering everything closed and locked up!]

Changi has so many great things to offer, you really can’t get bored on a layover there. The last time I was there, when I visited Singapore, I hadn’t had much time to explore, but this time I definitely did. After standing at Jetstar’s counter for over an hour waiting to get my meal voucher, the first thing I did was go grab my free meal as I was already shaky from not eating and waiting so long! It felt so good to put some food in my tummy! After that, I wandered around and decided to check out the butterfly garden. When I found it, however, it was dark inside [and very humid] and one person who was exiting the room told me that it wasn’t really worth going in then as all the butterflies were sleeping. I decided to go in anyway since I had the time, but he was right. It was too dark to see much of anything except a waterfall. I left almost immediately. During the daytime, however, I am sure it is nice. Next door to the butterfly garden is one of at least two (that I know of) hotels in the airport and I stopped by to check out the prices. At around $120 per 6 hours, I decided it wasn’t worth it, and opted to sleep wherever I could find a spot.

I should mention, the best terminal to find all the fun things to do and all the free perks, is Terminal 3, which is the Singapore Airlines terminal. So even if you aren’t flying Singapore Airlines when you arrive, it’s worth it to take the train over to Terminal 3 if you have the time.

I discovered that there is a Snooze Lounge in that terminal, but it was under renovation when I was there last week, so they had moved all the lounge chairs downstairs to a small hallway area. With headphones and music [and an eye mask] it’s basically quiet and peaceful with a small water fountain/bubbler every so often along the wall to help mask the noise of people walking by.


The only picture I have of the snooze lounge area. This whole hallway was filled with chairs. They were pretty popular so I was incredibly lucky to get one!

After sleeping for a few hours, I woke up at 2 am and decided I had better get up so that I didn’t accidentally oversleep and miss my flight. I didn’t really want to spend more time than I already had in the airport and I certainly didn’t trust Jetstar to be accommodating if I missed it! An airport worker had mentioned to me that there were free massage chairs to be found, so I set off in the direction she had pointed in and soon came to feet/leg massage chairs. I asked a nearby worker if there were other chairs that were full body massagers and was told to keep walking. Basically the chairs are in a direct line down the hall from the Snooze Lounge [at least its current location]. And I was again lucky as one [of only 4] of the chairs was free! The others had people sleeping in them, ha.

After settling in and reading the instructions, I figured out how to turn it on and the machine started moving around to measure where my shoulders, etc were. There are several different pre-set massages on this handheld device, plus apparently, the option to download more massages off the internet. It’s a pretty fancy chair [OSIM’s uInfinity] and if I had the money to throw around, I’d definitely buy one. But at 8 grand, I think I might buy a car next. 😉 I’ve used a few massage chairs over the years [including one we have here at the house I live in] but none can compare to this chair. It really feels like a person massaging you. I’ve never had one do such a good job on my neck and head before. I was really impressed and delighted that it was free. I tried several different massages, and as they are all 15 minute segments, I ended up spending 2 hours in the chair. I felt it the next day when I woke up sore, ha. But it was wonderful. I am sure it’s almost impossible to get one of these chairs during normal business hours, but at 2:30 am I was lucky to get to use one!


THE best massage chair I’ve ever sat in. I googled the price of them while sitting in the chair. =)


The intimidating controller that I soon got the hang of. =)

Changi has lots of fun, rotating art displays as well as things like slides that go from one level down to the next. So there is fun for all ages. =) I didn’t spend much time wandering and looking at the art features this time as I was more in the mood to just sleep and be comfortable. But last time I was there we spent some time looking at the various displays and I noticed this time that some of them had been changed.

I definitely recommend flying through Changi if you ever have the chance to choose where you have a stopover. It’s definitely worth seeing. Also, if you have a long layover, you can grab a free city tour from some of the information desks in the airport!

Have you slept in the airport before?  Was it a good/bad experience?

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