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Home from Hong Kong

June 10, 2015

Only a couple of times did I see the Chinese and Hong Kong flags next to each other.

I just got home from Hong Kong yesterday and am trying to get caught up on everything here. I came “home” to 3 dogs, 2 kids, and 1 cat to take care of [the family I live with/work for is dog-sitting their cousins’ dogs for a while.]. Wouldn’t be too bad except the two dogs we are watching are big dogs, and they stink. And it’s winter so we have to pretty much keep the windows closed and the fire going. I think I will be happy when their owners come home. =)

But anyway, as I sat at the international airport yesterday waiting to be picked up, I realized that probably the next time I fly from that airport will be when I am flying back to California in 3 months! It was a bittersweet realization, as I am not quite ready to be leaving Australia, and yet I can’t wait to see my family again. If you’ve lived overseas at all, I know you understand. Too many thoughts to write down about that.

Hong Kong was great, just like everyone told me it would be. I have so much to write about that trip, including my adventure in getting there with delayed, then missed, flights, sleeping in the airport, etc. I’ll try to post about all that soon.


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