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Procrastinating: a ramble

May 21, 2015

What happens when you have a whole week off but were unable to get any trips lined up for the time off? You have a LOT of free time! [not complaining though!] After failing to get anything lined up for this week, and with my Darwin trip falling through for my next week off,  I decided I didn’t want another week off sneaking up on me with no set plans, so I just spontaneously booked myself a ticket to Hong Kong for the first week of June. It’s so difficult making travel plans here on the west coast of Australia. Much more difficult than on the east coast. [Due to a variety of reasons, but mostly due to the long distances between towns/services and the fact that it takes days just to get anywhere and then you have to make it back home in time, too, leaving you no time to see your destination.] I might not end up getting to see as much of Australia as I wanted, but at least I can still make use of my free time to travel.

I haven’t been to Hong Kong before. And I don’t know anyone there. So this will be an adventure. But I’m sure something will work out. Have you been to HK? I would love to hear others’ suggestions of the best areas to stay in, etc!*

Sometimes I have to laugh when I look at my life today and then look back to the terribly shy girl I used to be as a child/teenager. I am so thankful for parents who recognized the fact that someday [despite my declarations of “never getting married and living at home forever”] their children would need life skills to be out in the world and who forced us to do scary 😉 things like actually talk to people. Deep down I am still a bit shy and it pops up at the randomest times. [When I was in Brisbane I went to a conference/meeting at a local church and two well-known California pastors were preaching, plus another speaker, all of whom I knew knew my dad, but I didn’t talk to them because I didn’t know what to say, and later when telling my dad about it he said something to the effect of  “ahhh the shy Jenny hid in her shell.” He knows me too well.] But for the most part, if you live abroad you just have to get out there and meet people and do things and live life. I know of people who, despite living overseas for years, still don’t travel by themselves into the city where they live! It can be scary sometimes getting out there and doing things. But the best things happen when you get out there and just explore!

Ugh, see? I can ramble like no other when I am supposed to be doing things like researching Hong Kong and updating my resume. Actually, my resume is updated but it needs to be tailored to this one specific job I want to apply for.  Or, I think I want to apply for. It’s hard trying to decide if you really want to go back to the real working world or if you just want to keep living the most fabulously amazing life you’ve ever known. It’s hard being a grown up sometimes. 😉

Anyway, life here in Australia is great. I still love it, despite the fact that the kids I work with are probably going to give me gray hair! I can’t believe I only have 3 months left here. It’s been such an incredible journey and I am beyond blessed to have been able to do this. God spoils me rotten!

*I really do want to hear about your experiences in HK if you’ve been. Especially if you went over to Macau. I’ll take all the advice I can get. Thank you!


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