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Southwestern Australia

May 14, 2015


So I know I have been jumping back and forth between posting about my Asia trip and my current here in Australia, sorry if it’s been a bit confusing. I am trying to get caught up on Asia because it really was an incredibly fabulous trip and I don’t want to just skip posting about it. But I have been seeing and doing so much here in Australia that it’s hard to keep up with posting what I am doing down here.

Last Friday I met up with 4 girls who are also in Australia on work and holiday visas (two Canadians, one American and one French girl) and we all set out on a road trip down the coast to Margaret River and then to Albany. We stopped along the way at various places and finally rolled into Margaret River that first evening. It was cold and dark and the small main street had various cute cafes and restaurants decorated with sparkling white Christmas lights. We walked around looking for a cozy place to eat (and exclaiming how it felt like Christmas) and finally settled on an Italian place. Such a fun first night. After that we checked into our hostel and we’ll just skip all that because it wasn’t that great a place and I would not go back.

The next day we set out for Albany and checked into the coolest hostel I have ever stayed at.


Looking down into the lounge area that had a ping pong table and guitars and a keyboard for anyone to play. One night I sat down there listening to a woman play the keyboard, it was nice background music for my book. =)



Country flags line the hallways of the hotel



We loved it. The 1849 Backpackers at the London Hotel is Albany’s first (and, obviously, oldest) hotel that was turned into a backpackers/hostel about 5 years ago. Apparently it was still a hotel up until that time. Hard to believe. It was such a fun and funky setting AND on top of it all they serve a free breakfast in the morning! The website had said it served all-you-can-eat pancakes in the morning, so I was expecting simple, American-style pancakes. But in reality they serve lemon and orange crepes! Talk about a fun surprise! [they were amazing, too].


We spent two nights in Albany and visited a lot of local places (chocolate factory, cheese factory, toffee factory…) and several fabulous beaches! This part of the coast is stunning!




The girls climbing the huge rock that juts up against the beach at Green’s Pool


This whole beach area was filled with huge rocks, some of which had huge cracks like this in them. And lots of colorful crabs live in them. =)






Three of our girls trying to get the courage to cross the small gorge to the other side =)


These rocks don’t look big in the picture but they are actually huge



We climbed all over the place






The entrance to this place is so cool. And behind me is the entrance to the beach!



The entrance to this beach (and the spot where I had my above picture taken) is where the two huge rocks meet on the right



Coolest flowers ever!!


Love the two different colors


Sunset one night at Little Beach



Stretching our legs at Eagle Bay (?) on the way to Margaret River


Sunset at Yallingup Beach. This place was so much fun!


A church in Albany


Albany Town Hall


Art in the park



Goliath’s backpack!




In one of the huge Tingle trees at the Treetop walk in Walpole. [This is on the free walk side and in my opinion much more interesting than the paid walk on the other side. I don’t think the treetop walk is worth doing at $15.00. We did it because it was recommended to us, but I wouldn’t recommend it]

We had such a fabulous 4 days and I can’t wait to visit all these places again next month when one of my Brisbane friends comes for a visit. =)

*Picture above are from Elephant Rocks, Greens Pool, Elephant Cove, Three Peoples Bay, Little Beach, Yallingup Beach. All stops I’d recommend!


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