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Perth and Rottnest Island

April 21, 2015


So I had a long post all typed up, complete with pictures, and didn’t realize that wordpress wasn’t saving it as I went along, and I lost the entire thing. =( I rarely write long blog posts anymore, so the fact that I took the time to do it and then lost it made me so sad.

We’ll try this again.

So much has happened in the last few weeks! I relocated to a suburb of Perth (it’s pretty far away, actually, about 40 minutes) and now live on 10 acres of forest! Quite a change from my last place, but I like it so far. We can see a million stars out here at night, so I LOVE that aspect of it. Supposedly there are kangaroos that live on the property, or at least visit every day, but I haven’t seen them yet. I heard them hopping through the bushes one night but that’s it. We also get some different birds here than we did in Brisbane. They are not as colorful as the rainbow lorikeets, but they are still pretty.

Last week I spent a few days up near Perth since a friend from Sydney was visiting and we spent one day on Rottnest Island. We had such gorgeous weather, it really was a great day to be there. The downside to visiting islands in Australia is that the last ferry leaving the islands at night is always so early. (4 or 4:30 usually) So you don’t get much time on the island unless you spend the night.

Rottnest costs around 60.00 for just the ferry and then there is a park fee of around 18.00 (I don’t remember the exact cost). We opted to not rent bikes (most people rent bikes, it seems) and instead took the bus around the island (20.00 for all day). I’m glad we took the bus because the island is big and there is no way we could have seen as much as we did if we’d taken bikes. However, if I went back and spent a night on the island I’d probably rent a bike then.

The island has so many stunning beaches and I couldn’t stop taking pictures (of course).






New Zealand fur seals








One of many friendly quokkas on the island





The water around the island is incredible. So crystal clear. It reminded me of the Caribbean. I want to go back sometime and snorkel there!

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