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Great Ocean Road – Torquay and Bells Beach

January 12, 2015



Bells Beach


After one last stop at Brighton beach to see the beach houses again, we set off early in the morning for our first night’s stop in Torquay. I had been expecting the drive to be somewhat harrowing, according to everyone’s stories of driving it. However, it turned out to be not too bad at all. If you can drive PCH in California, the Great Ocean Road is a breeze. [Once you are used to driving on the “other” side of the road, that is]. We stopped a lot along the way, and still made it to Torquay in great time.

We checked in to our fabulous hostel (Bells Beach Backpackers) which I highly recommend, and then headed down to check out the area. After spending a few hours in Torquay, the girls decided we needed to drive to Bells Beach to watch the sunset. Definitely a good place to spend some time around sunset if you are in the area. You can’t watch the sun completely set, as the cliffside is in the way, but the way the sun rays filter over the mountainside is beautiful.

After watching the sun for as long as we could see it, we headed back towards our hostel, stopping along the way to check out the huge herd [?] of kangaroos we’d seen on the drive down. They were all still in the field and we got as close as we could. We contemplated climbing the fence, but none of us were quite brave enough to do so. [And how did she die, ma’am? A whole slew of kangaroos trampled her to death.]

We did see two kangaroos get into a fight, however. And yes, it really does look just like you see on youtube videos. They really do box and kick each other. It was so funny to watch. I don’t have my zoom lens with me here in Australia [traveling light, ugh], so I wasn’t able to get a very good picture. But you can kind of tell by looking at the two kangaroos who are standing facing each other. We spent a while watching them before finally leaving. We needed to get home somewhat early since we had an early start in the morning.

Overall thoughts on the Torquay area: Stay at Bells Beach Backpackers. Stop by Bells Beach. Torquay is nice but you don’t need a lot of time there. It is, however, a great launching off point for the Great Ocean Road.





























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