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January 6, 2015

I have a million and one pictures from my most recent trip {ok, actually just about 1500} and I hope to post some soon. Maybe tomorrow. Other than that, my new news is that I found a new position in….PERTH! I like to call it the California of Australia since it’s on the west coast. Practically all by itself, too. I have 6 weeks of work left here in Brisbane before I fly to the Philippines in Feb to meet up with my parents and some of my church fam to do a missions trip around the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. I am super super excited! {Mostly about seeing my parents!} Then I’ll spend two more weeks in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore with my sister-in-law’s sister, before coming back to Brisbane for a few days. Then 4 days later I fly to NZ for 2 weeks. Then it’s straight to Perth in April to start my new adventure. When I look at all these upcoming trips, it feels like the year is almost half over, ha. It’s Jan 6 here and I feel like the year is flying by already. Actually, I am pretty sure it WILL fly by faster than any previous year, due to all these travels. Not sure how I feel about that..

Right now I plan to be in Perth till my visa expires in September. Then…not sure what is next. =) Suggestions? =)

I’m pretty excited about Perth because I will have a week on/week off position like I had hoped, which will give me plenty of time to travel! Or to pick up some extra work to make more money (the week off is paid so everything else is a bonus).

So, anyone want to come see me? Considering I will have 2 weeks off a month, I should have plenty of free time!

I’ll try to post pics tomorrow. But till then, here are some pics of a koala we found on the Great Ocean Road. =)


Isn’t he SO cute?







He’s being shy






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  1. January 10, 2015 7:58 am

    A koala! In the wild! Wow, week on/off…. that’s awesome. And paid…. that’s even “awesomer.” I guess this post answered my question on whether or not you’ll be in CA in May. šŸ™‚

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