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Thanksgiving 2014

November 28, 2014

Happy belated Thanksgiving, friends!

I’ve only spent a few Thanksgivings away from home, but it seems like every time it’s an interesting experience.

My first Thanksgiving away was my first year of grad school when Rebekah and I hitched a ride to Michigan with friends and celebrated with her aunt and uncle there.  It was a snowy Thanksgiving and when we arrived in Michigan we got word that a fellow student had also been driving to Michigan and had been in a car accident and died. That made for a somber Thanksgiving. After a few days in MI, Rebekah bought a car and we drove back to Wisconsin, so that was exciting for her. And for me, since it meant now we each had a car and a bit more freedom. =) I miss those days like crazy sometimes.

My next Thanksgiving away was when a group of us from church took a trip to Israel and spent Thanksgiving day in airports en route to Tel Aviv. =) That was such an amazing trip. Totally worth missing Thanksgiving for.

My third Thanksgiving away was last year in Russia. I can’t remember anything unusual about it except, well, the fact that it was Russia. And everything that happens in Russia is interesting. Miss that place too.

And then this past Thanksgiving we got the mother of all hailstorms here in Brisbane. My pastor’s wife was on her way to pick me up for Thanksgiving dinner when it hit and now her new car has dents in it.  =( So yeah, I feel pretty bad about that. =( The storm itself was exciting for me, since I stood in my doorway downstairs and just waited for it to arrive. I could see dark clouds moving quickly towards us, and could hear the storm approaching. It sounded like a train coming and reminded me of the one time in WI when I was driving during a tornado and praying I would make it safely to church and not get caught in the tornado. That was a crazy storm too, with rain so loud I couldn’t hear my car radio even at full volume.  The hail we got here was golf ball sized and the fierce wind was knocking it all over the place. I picked up one chunk that came inside my kitchen and it was just like a huge chunk of ice. I feel bad for anyone who got caught out in that storm (it came up so quickly and wasn’t predicted), that hail was coming down really, really hard. I tried my best to get some pictures without damaging my camera. Didn’t get any great pictures, but you can kinda see how big the hail was.




Can you see the wind just blowing it all over?



It looked like golf balls were falling from the sky and bouncing all over the yard. Unreal.





I think maybe next year I will just spend a nice, quiet Thanksgiving at home with family. Miss those peeps. =)


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  1. December 1, 2014 8:31 am

    Wow! What a crazy day!

  2. January 10, 2015 8:04 am

    That is some huge hail! Awww…those WI days. They make me smile when I think of them. And that entire Thanksgiving weekend is a bit of a blur, though I remember that the FIRST TIME I drove that car, we were driving through a big snowstorm. lol It was a tad nerve wracking, but I managed. lol

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