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Just a walk

November 24, 2014

I’ve been meaning to head up to the top of a local hill to watch the sunset one of these nights, since the views of the sunsets I see from the kitchen window are amazing, but slightly blocked by houses. So last night I decided to do it since I had the time and it looked like it might be a nice sunset. I debated taking my camera, but told myself I would just enjoy whatever I saw without bothering to take pictures [I should know myself better than this by now] for once. I managed to make it out our back gate and to the neighbor’s house before finding a perfect plumeria flower that had fallen from their tree. I see them all the time but they still make me smile and make me feel like I am in Hawaii, so I stopped to pick it up and of course decided I needed a picture of it. So I headed back to the house since I was so close and took a picture.


Isn’t it so pretty?


I set back out again and made it about 6 houses down the street before I came to a short poinciana tree and remembered I had wanted to get some pictures of one. These trees are so gorgeous and I just noticed recently that after being a brilliant red for a few weeks, one petal on each flower suddenly changes colors and starts looking more like a lily. So, laughing at myself, I headed back to the house and hoped none of the neighbors were watching me and wondering if I was casing the neighborhood. As I headed back for the camera, I noticed one of the resident myna bird babies in the middle of the street in front of our house. About 5 adult myna birds were surrounding it as it hopped about. I decided that needed a picture too, so I actually ran back inside for the camera hoping they wouldn’t have moved by the time I got back. When I came back and got close to get a picture, of course the adult birds got riled up and one flew at me:


Baby at the right

That was as close as I dared get, since these birds will attack you. As I was taking this picture, a car drove up so I stayed to watch. I assumed everything would be ok as the adults scurried out of the way, and the first wheel made it safely over without hitting the baby. Well, he wasn’t so lucky with the back tire and I gasped and covered my mouth as he got run over and stared flopping about. It was horrible. I couldn’t believe I had just seen that and I felt awful. I mean, I don’t even like these birds. In fact, I actually despise them. They are so annoying and it’s because of their babies that they attack us constantly when we walk out the door. They flutter close to you and flap their wings and never fail to make me scream and think evil thoughts towards them, ha. But still, it was really sad. I walked away feeling so sad. When I made it back from my walk it was eerily quiet, no attacking or scolding birds to be seen anywhere. I guess they were all in mourning somewhere.

Anyway, here’s that poinciana tree.



I am so curious as to why this happens

By now, of course, I had decided I needed to just resign myself to the fact that I can never just go out for a simple walk without needing to document everything, lesson learned [again]. Everything happens when you don’t bring your camera, I think it’s one of Murphy’s laws.

I continued walking and came across more insanely huge spider webs than I cared to realize was possible.  Sorry that the pictures are so horrible.



There were THREE black and yellow spiders on this HUGE web.

I made a mental note to take more care whenever I walk anywhere and to keep an eye out for spiderwebs! These things look evil.

I finally made it to the top of the hill and as I was getting there, I noticed a car coming up the hill behind me. He pulled over and then pulled out again and drove into the parking lot. I eyed him suspiciously as I realized it was just him and me up there and he looked a bit shady. He got out and pulled out a bag and I decided I had seen enough Dateline to think twice about staying up there, ha. I snapped a quick sunset picture and headed back down the hill, bummed that he ruined my sunset-watching hopes. On my way down up came another car with one guy in it. And then another. Ok, so maybe they were planning to just drink [and watch the sunset? lol] and who knows what but still…no point in staying around to find out.


So they aren’t great pictures, but it certainly was an interesting walk!




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  1. January 10, 2015 8:07 am

    hahahhahah! This is why I carry a camera in my purse….
    Boo to those guys who ruined your sunset experience…but rather safe than sorry. 🙂

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