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Triplets are triple the…well…everything.

November 4, 2014

Helping care for triplets has taught me one huge lesson and that is “now I know why my mom hated whining so much when we were growing up.” Oh. My. Soul. Whining [also called whinging here???] has got to be THE most annoying thing on this planet. These girls whine about EVERYTHING. Everything is so dramatic at at age six, apparently. Especially when your twin (the two girls are identical) gets more frosting on her cupcake and “always” gets to stay in the bath longer, and “always” gets to have her hair brushed last (they hate it), and “always” gets more ice cream in her bowl and “always” gets to do her homework reading last, etc. It’s enough to drive a person crazy, really.

But in between their whining and fighting, they say some pretty funny things sometimes. Most of it I forget by the time the night is over, I think all the whining drives it from my brain.

Today while helping Sammi do her homework reading, she came across the word closely and immediately sight read it as carefully. I told her to sound it out, so she did. “C-l-o-s-e-l-y.” I asked her what it said. “Carefully,” she responded. So I had her sound it out again. “C-l-o-s-e-l-y…Carefully!” I guess she really wanted that word to say carefully. We both laughed once she realized what she was doing.

Then at dinner the girls asked me (for the umpteenth time) what Americans celebrated on the 4th of July. The 4th of July is the triplets’ birthday, and they know it’s also a big American holiday, so they love asking me about it. I told them we celebrated our Independence Day on that day, kinda like Australia Day on Jan 26th.  Then they wanted to know “independence from what?” So I tried to explain to them. Then they wanted to know if it had happened when I was a little girl. When I told them no, they asked if it happened when my parents were little, ha.

Watching television is a treat for the girls, as their mom doesn’t let them watch a lot of television. Whenever they do get to watch it, they often ask me to sit and watch with them. If I have the time I will sometimes sit with them for a little while. They always snuggle up to me (and all over me) and make me all sticky and hot (it’s hot here!). The other night as Sammi was snuggled up against me, with her leg thrown over mine, she asked me “Jen, are you having a nice cuddle?” Me: uhhhhhhhh, yeahhhh, this is nice. Ha. I guess they think that since their mom likes cuddling with them, that I do too. A few weeks ago when I went with the girls to their first swim lesson, Sammi came over to inform me that I should probably go sit over with “all the other moms.” Haha. I guess they are a bit confused as to the role of this new person in their lives.

A few weeks ago Sammi asked me if she could “ask me a suggestion.” Me: uh, sure, ask me a suggestion.” haha.

I will say though, a 6 year old audience is pretty easy to please. I have been cooking the least gourmet meals of my life, and yet at the end of every meal I am told that I make the “best lasagna” and the “best spaghetti” and the “best brownies….cupcakes…schnitzel (it comes pre-breaded at the meat counter here)…garlic bread….etc… Everything is the best! Ha.

These kids….

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  1. November 4, 2014 11:18 am

    Hahaha, I can only imagine….triplets. Wow. I think I’m gonna laugh every time I think of “Go sit with the other moms.”

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