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Brisbane – my new home =)

October 20, 2014

There is much to like about Brisbane. I really do love it here. It’s beautiful, fun, and right on the river! (I love river-side cities)

My only complaint about this city? I think the person who laid out the roads (and who thought it was a good idea to NOT put street signs on half the streets????) must have been completely drunk when he did so. They make no sense and are hands down THE most confusing roads I have ever been on. Even with GPS I guarantee you 100% that you will get lost at least once while driving here. Each day. Seriously. For the life of me I can’t figure out why they laid out the roads the way they did. Ask anyone who lives here or who has been here. I bet they will wholeheartedly agree with me. Such a pity for such a great city to have such a huge drawback. (The buses are super confusing too)

Oh well, not every city can be perfect. 😉 Here are some shots from around town. I have dozens more. =)


The river-side beach at Southbank


View of downtown at night from the ferry


The bridge is so pretty lit up at night



Daytime shot


The trees here are so awesome and have so much character!







View of Kangaroo Point from the City Botanic Gardens





I thought these Eastern Water Dragons were so cool when I first got here. Now I realize they are everywhere and slightly annoying.







With some of the German au pairs




I think these white roads are really pretty



Roma Street Parklands



Ok so I officially hate these myna birds now, since they try and attack people on a regular basis. But I still like this shot of this one drinking nectar. He flew down right in front of us.


A kangaroo topiary, naturally =)


An insanely huge poinsettia plant in the Roma Street Parklands



View of Brisbane from the Mt. Cootha lookout



This little Kookaburra flew down in front of our table and just sat there







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