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St. Petersburg pt 1

September 2, 2014

A few weeks before I moved away from Moscow, a friend and I flew up to St. Petersburg for a few days. [Yes, we flew. It was cheaper than the train when we went to buy tickets. I think I am glad I avoided the infamous sleeper train, ha.]

I had never stayed in a hostel before [after visiting 36 countries you’d think I’d have stayed at at least one before, but nope.] so it was an interesting experience. It reminded me of summer camp life. One girl was, at least temporarily, living in our dorm room and was practically there 24/7. The others were in and out and for an 8 person room we generally only had 5 of us at most. Which was nice considering the tiny amount of open floor space between beds! [Two people could not walk past each other between the beds.] But the price was nice and the location was great [Hostel Dostoevsky just a few blocks from Nevsky Prospekt].

We spent a lot of time each day wandering the streets off of Nevsky Prospekt and discovering cafes and restaurants we wanted to go back to later. We spent a lot of time eating and plotting our next meals 😉 And in between that we did some sightseeing.

Here are some food places we highly recommend:


Schastye Cafe – we only had desserts here but they were so good we looked them up when we were back in Moscow as well. The one in SP is better though.



Biblioteka [we only had desserts here but we came back several times because they had so many amazing choices]



King Pong [Pan Asian]



Pita’s [Mediterranean street food – inexpensive and delicious]


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