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Belgrade, Serbia

May 16, 2014

On our way back to Moscow from Sarajevo, we had a long layover in Belgrade, Serbia…so of course we had to go see the place, a new country for both of us.

It was easy to get into the city from the airport via the local bus which drops you off in the center of town.  We got some local currency from an ATM in the airport and then went out to catch the bus. It takes about 30 minutes to get to town and then of course the same 30 minutes back, so you do need to have a long layover in order to see anything.

From the bus stop in the center of town we headed out to find the fortress, which is definitely a must-see if you visit Belgrade. It was dark out by the time we made it that far, but the night views of the city and river were beautiful. We wished we had a few more hours in the city, but were thankful for at least the glimpse we did get.


Flying into Belgrade


Soviet architecture seen from the air. It was funnier in real life.






The only bombed building we saw in Belgrade. A far cry from Sarajevo!



Creepy trees!









Hotel Moscow. Moscow is following us everywhere!




March 8th, Intl Women’s Day, decorations





Views of the river from the fortress






More creepy trees. And tanks.





Creepy trees abound here.


Earrings. In any form of food you can think of.







At the airport, heading back to Moscow and enjoying some baklava


Cherry baklava and chocolate baklava – I didn’t even know baklava came in flavors like this!


A little Turkish and Serbian pride in the baklava shop


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