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The Tunnel Museum, Bosnia and Herzegovina

May 12, 2014

If you get the change to visit Sarajevo, and I hope you do, you should definitely check out the Tunnel Museum which is located just outside of Sarajevo. Really the only way to get there is by taxi, unless you have a car, but the ride is cheap and so is the entrance fee to the museum.

It really helps put the entire Bosnian Conflict into perspective and helps you understand what it was like for the people who lived through what must have been 4 incredibly long and agonizing years. When you enter the museum (it is very small) you will first watch a video about the war, while you are sitting in what feels like a tiny bunker. Then you have the opportunity to walk through a small portion of the tunnel before entering the actual museum. When we were there, they told us that they want to eventually open more of the tunnel, but since it runs under the international airport runway, they are having a hard time getting permission to do so.

Visiting this museum, watching the video, and walking through part of the tunnel, certainly puts a somber mood on the day. But I think it’s a necessary stop when visiting this unique, war-torn city.


Such a small, inconspicuous sign leading towards such a game-changer (in the war) location!














It’s not even high enough for me to stand up straight, and I’m only 5’6.



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