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Dubrovnik, Croatia

May 2, 2014


After we said goodbye to Split, we jumped on a bus headed for Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik had been enjoying a week of sunny weather, but literally 5 minutes after we pulled into town, it started raining! (I guess we brought it with us from Split!) Thankfully the next day (which happened to be my birthday) was a gorgeous day. In fact, it was the only day on our whole trip where we could take off our jackets and enjoy the sun on our skin! It felt so wonderful to just sit on the old city walls and soak up the sun for a bit!

Dubrovnik is a gorgeous city, and I could post hundreds of pictures of it. I’ll try not to overwhelm you with pictures, but I did take a lot. In fact, I even went and bought another memory card while I was there!

*Random side note: If you are looking for a little splurge, you can get a great massage at the Hilton Imperial just outside the old city for less than 20 bucks! (At least that’s the price if you book it ahead of time at the spa across the street) After a long day of walking and lugging a heavy bag, it was such a nice birthday treat for myself. =)

*Also, definitely be sure to pay the 20 bucks or whatever it is (I forget) to walk the city walls! It’s worth it!





Such a windy night! Turned my friend’s umbrella inside out over and over again.


Looking down from the steep steps we climbed each day to where we were staying





















_MG_8954 _MG_8955



_MG_8973 _MG_9028

_MG_9029 _MG_9046


View of the old city walls from the city park across the way


Basketball court with fabulous views!



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