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The Upside Down House at вднх

January 31, 2014

Yesterday my friend and I went up to вднх to check out the upside down house exhibit that is there right now in the All Russian Exhibition Center. It was a very cold day and the house is set far back into the park, but thankfully I had seen some pictures online ahead of time so I had an idea of where it was and that gave us motivation to keep walking to find it. =)

Since it was in the middle of the day {and perhaps also because it’s hard to find} we had the place to ourselves.  The entrance fee is 300 rubles ($9) and there is no heater inside, so you have been warned, should you go. =) Well, there is a heater in the downstairs {upstairs?} portion of the house, but it’s for looks only and it doesn’t work, sadly. It felt almost just as cold inside as it was outside and my fingers got so cold that it started getting hard to even take pictures. But it was a lot of fun to look around and explore (“what’s in here? Look at THIS!”)


From the outside


Annie watching us on the tv


In the bathroom


“Jumping on the bed”


Thumbs up {down?} for a fun time









If you are in the area, go check it out!

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