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Sokolniki in winter

January 28, 2014

If there’s one thing Moscow really knows how to do, it’s how to decorate and have fun, no matter the season! The city never fails to amaze me at its beauty and creativeness. I now really feel the urge to buy my own skates so I can ice skate through this [free] park!


Entering the park


Fun presents along the entrance way


People ice skating along the main park paths



A Christmas-lights covered trellis that was also covered with snow =)


Moscow is a children’s paradise!


The ice block sign that led to the children’s ice playground. People had stuck rubles into the ice


Entrance to the ice playground


There were lots of fun things for kids to do inside


Love these elephants!



It was about 9 degrees and yet so many people were at the park. The cold doesn’t keep these people inside!


I got all excited about what I thought was a public drinking fountain [which I never see here] and then I realized he’s just a statue


I don’t know what these pretty blue and yellow birds are, but they are everywhere here


The park has several fire pits where you can stop by to warm up for a bit, or sit and chat. it also has lots of stacked firewood so you can keep the fire going. Great idea!


Fun snow-capped ornaments decorate the ice skating paths


Can you see me? =)


On the far right you can see a rubber mat laid down across the ice path so pedestrians can safely cross over the ice =)


All of the summer matryoshka dolls moved into the ice skates sharpening booth for the winter, apparently =)


Just some cute lights and pavilion




Я люблю Москву. Это правда!
[I love Moscow. It’s true!]


Me – getting 1st place =) And also, apparently, supporting the Russian hockey team for the Olympics 😉



Leaving the park. The candles kept changing colors.

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  1. January 28, 2014 2:24 pm

    Everytime I see pictures of this park, I want to come along! 🙂 It looks so fun, beautiful, and inviting.

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