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17 days!!

December 7, 2013

You guys, SEVENTEEN days till I get to be back in sunny So Cal and the good ole USA! Ahhh, I can’t even tell you how excited I am. It feels like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve been home [reality = 6 months].

There are so many things I am looking forward to, but surprisingly this time around I’m not already listing all the restaurants I am going to visit, meals I am going to make, etc. [After my first 3 months here I was literally listing the exact things I wanted to eat first when I got home!] Maybe I’ve just adjusted, I don’t know. But what I AM dying to do is see my family and church! Miss those people so much.

I can’t believe it’s already December and that I’ve been here since Feb! This year has really flown by and it’s literally been THE most incredible year of my life. Who knew that when I made the decision to come and do this, half nervous, half excited, but 100% knowing that God was in control, that He’d create such an AMAZING year here. You all know the reasons behind coming here, and how one of the reasons I even came in the first place was to live by faith, so I won’t go into all that again. But looking back and knowing I came thinking that it’d would be one of the hardest years of my life, yet knowing God would take care of me, and seeing that not only was it a good year, but a surprisingly FUN year and that God made it a wonderful year, makes me laugh. I knew God would take care of me, but I honestly didn’t expect Him to spoil me so much. I can honestly say that this year has been complete proof that living by faith is the most amazing way to live. Sure it’s not always easy, but it’s sure exciting when you have to rely completely on God to work things out and then to see how He does it.

There’s so much I want to say, my heart is so full, and yet when I sit here to write it…it’s almost too overwhelming to even begin.

So I’ll just say this: Try it. Try completely giving EVERYTHING to God, holding nothing back. Go where He wants you to go, pursue what He wants you to pursue and give up YOUR dreams to Him. Honestly, for me, traveling is a huge dream. I LOVE it. This world is so amazing and I love seeing it. When I quit my job and moved here, I thought I was giving up the dream to travel as much as I wanted. I came with no travel plans, with simply the intent to stay in Russia for however God wanted, and yet He let me travel to 13 countries this year! More than any other year in the past. Unbelievable. So don’t buy the lie that God doesn’t care about the little details of your life. He not only gives us good gifts as the Bible says, but He always spoils us. I read a facebook status recently that asked the question, “Many people want to pursue God’s blessings, but how many want to pursue God’s heart?” But the truth is, when we pursue God’s heart, we GET God’s blessings, as a side benefit, and I love how it works like that. Our God is simply amazing and I am so thankful.

So thankful He loves me, so thankful He knows the big picture even when I have no idea, so thankful that He cares about all the little details, so thankful for this past year. It has taught me SO much! Who knows how long I will stay here, or what will happen next, but I know I can trust that wherever He leads, He WILL provide.

Happy weekend, friends!

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  1. December 9, 2013 10:52 am

    Hooray! California! 🙂 Too bad I wasn’t going there for Christmas too. 😉

    You inspire me. You do. I love watching the steps of faith you take. I think it’s completely awesome that you’ve had such a great year in Russia and all the things you’ve experienced and learned. I believe God cares about the little things too. I’ve seen too much of my desires and wants met to think otherwise. 🙂

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