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November 21, 2013
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One thing I’ve gotten really good at while here in Russia? Ignoring my blog. Also, procrastinating. [ But I was already really good at that.]

Today, however, I have time to blog, so here we go. =)

I have absolutely nothing specific to say here. All the wonderful, composed-in-my-head posts have long since been forgotten and so we’re just winging it here. Which is too bad since there is so, so much that could be beautifully written about life here in Russia. I’m afraid I’ve been here long enough that I have lost the wonder of it all in my day-to-day routine. No longer do I stand shocked, amused, intrigued, baffled by everything around me. Even if it’s something completely random or off the wall, the fact that it is random and off the wall has become normal and routine. Does that make sense? I have become so used to seeing odd things, that it doesn’t even surprise me anymore. I mean, I do smile as I pass, or laugh about it, but I don’t write home or journal every little detail. Which is a bummer because with my great memory it means I will totally forget all these funny moments.

I do try to snap iPhone pics from time to time as I see things, and of course, I always say I wish I had my real camera with me right now… On Sunday night after church, I went with a friend to see a show that I had wanted to see when it was in LA but never had the chance to. Somehow it (or a version of it?) came to Moscow so we went to see it. Having both seen shows like the Peking acrobats and such, we were quite underwhelmed at the beginning and wondering what we got ourselves into [the word hokey came to mind quite a bit], but thankfully it got better as it went on.  But the reason I mention it is because as we were trying to find our way to the theatre (which was quite underwhelming inside, the Bolshoi it was not. Although it did have at least two (that we saw) restaurants inside, which I found interesting since even at our fancy theatres in the US I have only ever seen small snack bars) we noticed the full and gorgeous moon hanging over the lit up skyscrapers of downtown Moscow and it made for a breathtaking scene. Cue my infamous line.

Another time I wanted my camera this week? Tuesday night’s sunset over Moscow. It was fabulous and the view from where I was on the 17th floor of a beautiful building only made it seem even more unreal (“is this really my life?”). The room that I was having the lesson in has two whole walls of windows and the views are simply stunning from there. Yes, I was a bit jealous.

All of Tuesday ended up being an adventure due to the fact that I head south after lessons to go to a Bible study and it’s during rush hour. In the middle of the city. NOT a place/time you would purposely choose to  head down to the metro. If you ever want to see a crowd like you have never seen before, head down to Moscow’s metro during rush hour in the city center. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Again, another time I always wish I was able to capture the crowds in a photo. I am stealing two from Google just to show you. This is what it looks like.



Anyways, so I shuffle (literally) my way down through my connections to get to where I need to be by 7. This particular night just made me laugh because it was the first time I was actually thankful for the crowded metro since it meant that after two stops we were so full that the guy who kept smiling and winking at me couldn’t see me anymore. He did make me laugh, but it was just awkward.
Then, after Bible study, on the bus home (10 pm), at the stop right before mine, the driver stopped for a while and turned around to ask where everyone needed to go (that much I understood). There were only 3 of us left at this point. The two guys behind me answered first, so then it was my turn. In my super stellar Russian I managed to say that I don’t speak Russian and that I needed the next stop. Then I sorta pleadingly looked back at the two guys and asked what the driver was saying. They told me we all had to get off, while the driver handed us back our 30 rubles. We got off and I asked them why we had to get off. They told me “that’s it, that’s all.” I again asked why and they said that the “driver is finished. Go home. Wife. Kids.” It kinda made my night because it was so funny and because I got my 30 rubles back AND because it was only one stop away from my stop. I would NOT have been smiliing had it been 10 pm and in the middle of nowhere lol.

Life is never boring here. In the interest of keeping things lively, my upstairs neighbor is also in the process of remont. (Home repair, which is the second most favorite Russian activity. Besides staring people down on the metro.) So that means I wake up to the sound of drilling or hammering or…other loud noises. It also means that at times our hot water gets shut off. Which of course is my favorite part of the whole process. Today I went to wash the dishes and realized the hot water was off again. I checked back about an hour later and was happy to hear gurgling sounds as I could feel water start to rush out. Then I screamed a bit because the water that came out was dark brown. It splashed all over everything, leaving drops of brown water all over my hand, and it made our sink look like I had just dumped coffee in it. I have seen rusty water many times in my lifetime, but never this chocolatey brown! I quickly turned it off and ran for my camera. Of course by then the water was already lightening in color, and soon it became clear[ish] but you can kinda see in this picture what it looked like.

_MG_5722Lovely, huh?

In other news…I am counting down the days till I get to see my beloved So Cal (and consequently my church family, family, friends, THE SUN, etc) again. 5 weeks!

And also? It’s starting to look like Christmas around here. =)



Still no snow around here…not like we are in a hurry for it to get here, since it will stick around for a while when it does finally arrive. =)

And…that’s it. =)

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