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Random sights around town

November 14, 2013
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So Russia is letting me access the back end of this blog (the dashboard) but still not letting access the homepage. Weird. Anyhow, once I realized I was able to get back in again, I promptly became lazy and stopped blogging again. Naturally.

While I haven’t been posting much, I have actually been doing quite a lot, and am still over here enjoying myself. =) Russia still keeps me on my toes, and there are still days that end up being an adventure!

I’m also over here counting down the days till I get to see sunny So Cal again! I can’t believe it will have been over 6 months since I last stepped foot on American soil, when I get home next. This has been my longest stretch of time away from the US!

I can’t wait until I can understand everything that is going on around me again. And understand all of the signs around town. Here it’s a small victory if I understand an entire sentence that I read (it does happen!) and it just makes my day. =)

Here are just a few random iPhone pics from the past few weeks:


This old lady comes to the park behind our apartment each day and dumps a whole pile of ??(bird seeds, bread crumbs?) on the ground for the birds to eat. This is the view out my window. =)


Just two guys climbing on the [very high] glass roof of the mall


Random building. I liked the lights.


Everybody likes pumpking, right? 😉




View of Tverskaya street from dinner one night (at a friend of a friend’s apartment)


I just love this

A few pics from Sunday’s train adventure =)





Was wishing I’d had the real camera with me. Story of my life



Oh, and SNOW is finally starting to pop up in our forecasts over here. Wondering how long we have real snow that lasts on the ground. Not entirely sure I’m ready for it just yet…

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  1. November 14, 2013 7:19 am

    The random building with the lights you liked reminded me of First Baptist Long Beach’s building

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