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Sparrow Hills

October 21, 2013


Last week I decided to venture back over to Sparrow Hills to see Moscow from the highest spot in the city. The last time I had gone, I showed up to find out the Olympic torch relay was coming by soon, and so that changed my plans a bit. And the next time I planned to go ended up being a foggy, rainy day, not exactly conducive to seeing the views. So when the following day dawned bright and sunny, I knew I had better take advantage of it. When I first arrived at the station, I wasn’t sure which direction to start in, but decided to head in the opposite direction from what I had taken last time and that ended up being the right way, yay. There appeared to be stairs leading to the top of the hill, but they had been blocked off (and then clearly broken into as evidenced below) _MG_5245 _MG_5246I wasn’t sure if I dared go through this way or not, it looked pretty creepy. And then I noticed the huge pile of trash and mud and water at the base of the stairs and decided it wasn’t a good idea. So up the slippery, muddy, leafy hillside instead.


The whole path was very slippery with leaves that were covered with mud


And if the mud wasn’t enough, these steps also try to kill you as you walk up. You seriously have to watch where you walk around here…

It was slow going to get to the top, as I didn’t want to slide off the side, ha. But once I got to the top, it was worth it.


The ski jump doesn’t look very high from far away, but from up close it looks high. Someone was walking towards it with skis in his hand as I walked by.


Just liked this old restaurant sign


The ski jump and the wheel for the ski lift








The huge old Olympic stadium and some fall color


After enjoying the views from the platform, and enjoying the snippets of English I heard from the Viking River cruise tour guide, I wandered over to check out this church nearby.




IMG_5294 IMG_5295

Anyone know what these orange things are? They are so interesting, and reminded me of bleeding hearts?



After wandering around the outside of the church, I crossed the street to check out the imposing Moscow State University. One of the seven sisters, it’s the only one being used as a university.




Line of little food stands near the university


Wandering back home



Walking through the park on the way back to the metro



Each of these branches has a sign above it indicated what kind of tree it’s from


Cute little duck pond



And then, just some randomness from my week:


Sigh. Pictures never do justice to the interesting-ness of the buildings here


Was taking pictures of the fabulous fall foliage nearby when I spotted…a Camry. 😉 Miss my car. Well, what used to be my car.


Such a pretty tree


Night view from the metro, looking down towards my apartment


Random building


These flowers and green garland duct taped to this tree made me smile. I’m guessing maybe it’s a memorial of some sort, but it was just kinda random



Row of pretty fall trees


I found the Papa John’s – by accident – that I knew was somewhere around here. Happy day! =)

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  1. October 21, 2013 9:55 am

    I love the pictures of the park and university! 🙂 I mean, I like all the pictures, but those made me smile.

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