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Livin’ in Moscow

October 7, 2013

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be living in Moscow now. Other than Sundays when I head back to Domodedovo, it saves me so much time each day. I can walk to grocery stores, to the metro, to a (weird) mall, even to fast food places (KFC and McDonalds are the only options) or T.G.I.Friday’s (should I ever feel the urge for an almost American meal). It makes me so happy. =) AND there is also a huge Auchan grocery store 3 metro stops away, should I decide to brave the insane crowds and go shopping, ha. After last time I am not so sure how often I will do that. I might just stick with the closer and more expensive Victoria.  Auchan has a lot more to offer than Victoria, and it’s cheaper, but carrying your groceries on the metro and then all the way home is not fun. (Yeah, and doing it during rush hour and with one bag containing eggs you don’t want broken is NOT the smartest way to do it.)

Here are a few iPhone pics I snapped the other day while waiting for my stuff to arrive.

The hallway

The hallway

The kitchen

The kitchen

Closet in my room

Closet in my room (that I share with one of the girls)

My room before all my stuff arrived

My room before all my stuff arrived

The shower and toilet are in two different rooms in Soviet-style apartments

The shower and toilet are in two different rooms in Soviet-style apartments. And they are VERY tiny.

It’s certainly not going to win a Better Homes and Gardens contest, but it works. =) I like my room so that’s good.  I’ve been here in Russia over 8 months now (well, if you count the trips to Sweden, Ireland, California, the cruise and then the Europe trip, I have only been IN Russia for 6 months, since I was traveling for 2 months,) but there are still days when I tell myself “I live in Russia. I LIVE in Russia. I live in RUSSIA.” It’s still so surreal even though I am so used to it now. Whenever I stop and think about it, I am a little bit in awe still and SO thankful. I can’t get over how completely unreal this entire year has been. Each year for about the past 6 years has gotten more and more amazing than the last and I honestly don’t see any way that 2014 could beat 2013. I guess we have reached a peak here. 😉 And 2013 isn’t even over yet!

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