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Kolomenskoye Park and an update!

October 5, 2013

I have sooooo many things to write about. I am getting way behind here. This week has been crazy for me, but thankfully things are settling into place now and everything is just so exciting! I moved into Moscow on Thursday night and so have spent yesterday and today slowly getting things sorted out as I have time. There is still LOTS to do, but at least my room is somewhat organized chaos now instead of just chaos.  Tonight I took a walk through my new neighborhood to find one of the small grocery stores my roommate told me about and I couldn’t help but smile the whole way as I watched kids playing on the little playground, and saw our little hockey arena (maybe they will turn it into an ice skating rink come winter, like some other places I have seen???), and enjoyed the fact that it’s such a short walk to the grocery store. Although, after shopping there I don’t think I will do my regular shopping there. It’s close, but it’s very expensive (things here are already expensive) and they don’t have a very good selection, and the produce isn’t very fresh looking. But there are other stores that are just a little farther away so it’s ok. I just love the fact that things are close now. I don’t miss the marshrut one bit! (Although I will be riding it to church tomorrow, ha. I still get it on Sundays.)  Tomorrow will be an adventure as I am trying a different way to get into Domodedovo for church, hopefully it will be a small shortcut and not end up being a long detour due to me getting lost.

Anyways, there is so much to say about all of that. The new apartment. Living IN Moscow. Russian roommates, GOOD internet. Etc, etc. I will post more about it later and put up a few pics. But for now I will post some pics of another new park I visited on Tuesday, Kolomenskoye Park

I wish I had allocated more time for this stop, since there was much more I didn’t have time to check out, but I am glad I at least got to see some of it. It’s a gorgeous park! There were a lot of Korean (I think?) tourists wandering around in a tour group (I love tourists, they make me feel less…I don’t know…I feel more at home with them around.) as well as a few groups of school children.  There were also a few fishermen hanging out as well. I wandered around, making my way down towards the Moskva River when I heard the church bells strike 3 o’clock. Then they proceeded to play a song and as I got closer I enjoyed listening to it. Then it got more and more enthusiastic and vibrant and I was struck by how simply gorgeous the piece was that I actually stopped and just looked at the bell tower for several minutes, listening to the song.

And then I saw him. Yeah, I know, I am real observant. It took me several minutes to realize someone was actually playing the song up there! He was pulling on the bells’ ropes with his hands and pushing a pedal with his foot. I was stunned. By then the Korean group had also showed up and realized someone was up there, so we were all taking pictures of him.

When his piece was finally over (it was a very, very long song), I felt like we needed to give him a round of applause or something. It felt so odd to just walk away from something so beautiful and not acknowledge it. So I am acknowledging him here. Bell player, that was one amazing song. Kudos. I don’t know if there are multiple people who take turns playing up there or not, but if not, he must surely have some buff arms from pulling those bells so often! 

I will definitely be back to explore more of this park!




I just love this gate and totally wish I could do a fall photo shoot for someone here!


Can you see him?





It’s a bit small and hard to see, but the temperature on the side of the building says 5 degrees Celsius. =)





This church looked very abandoned
















These stairs are so pretty. Not fun to climb though!


This isn’t the metro Kolomenskaya, or even close to it, I just happened to take this the same day and I think it’s a pretty metro. =) Every one of those circles in the ceiling has a mosaic in it.

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  1. October 5, 2013 9:47 am

    I have way too many comments on this post:
    1. That is SO COOL that someone was playing the bells! Totally awesome! Wish I could have heard it.
    2. This park IS beautiful.
    3. I LOVE that gate where you want to do a photo session – wish I could say “pick me!”
    4. A log cabin looking lock!
    5. I love all the paths and water in this park. Beautiful waterfall.
    6. Those stairs look dangerous!
    7. 5° C is colder than I’d want it to be this time of year. Of course, it’s warmer than normal for this time here…. but our leaves are starting to change!
    8. Yay for living IN Moscow! 🙂

    • October 6, 2013 11:05 am

      Those stairs WILL be dangerous in winter, ha.
      The bell playing WAS so cool. I wish I had recorded it. =(
      I am soooooooo happy to be living in Moscow. I LOVE it. I just love how accessible everything is once you are so close. I feel so, so, so blessed.

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