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Vorontsov Park [I think]

September 22, 2013

I know, dear readers, that this will make you very sad, but due to my terribly unpredictable internet (it’s only cut out 575 thousand times in the past 3 hours), I am only posting a small fraction of the thousands many pictures I took during my jaunt through Vorontsov Park the other day. Actually, I don’t even know for sure that that is the name of this fabulous park. But someone told me that it was, so we are going with it.

This is a park that I have walked through many, many times over the past several months. But I was only skimming the very side of the park and had no idea that it was so fabulous in the middle! I think I  might have looked part crazed paparazzi as I snapped away at any stray red leaf I happened to spot peeking through the bushes.

This place is a Fall wonderland. I know Fall shouldn’t technically be capitalized. But I always feel wrong leaving it un-capitalized. I feel it deserves more respect for how awesome it is.

I am pretty sure I looked like a kid in a candy store as I wandered around simply mesmerized.











This day was made even more legit by the fact that right before I wandered through the park, I had a Mexican lunch date with Annie, my So Cal expat friend here in Moscow. As we parted ways in the metro, she to her class and me to…”what are you going to do with all your free time before 5 pm?” Ha! She has no idea how long I can keep myself entertained when I have a camera in my hands! Let’s just say that I didn’t have one minute to spare when all was said and done.

In other completely unrelated news, there is a fly (okay, actually at least 3 of them, bleh) that keeps terrorizing me and I swear I want to strangle my roommate who always leaves the door/window open and lets them all IN. Gah.  (Ok, I wouldn’t really strangle her. But seriously, this fly is driving me mad.)

And in more unrelated news (basically all the rest of the stuff I say from here on out in this post is “unrelated news” so I think I will stop announcing it.) I walked 3.5 miles today (one way) in an overly ambitious trek to capture some fall foliage that I always see out the bus window each day. Yeaahhh that means 7 miles round trip. It was a dumb idea. Let’s just say my feet were ready to fall off by the time I got home. It also made me think what kind of CRAZY people run marathons??? Granted I was not wearing the best of shoes for walking that far (I didn’t know it would be that far – it always seems so close when we drive there in the bus, ha.) but STILL. People. Running a marathon will never be on my bucket list. Why do people put dumb silly things like that on their bucket list? Bucket lists are supposed to be FUN.

And also, I just read this quote on Jen Hatmaker’s blog (I never read her blog but she was linked on another funny blog  and her blog just happened to be one of the only fully loaded pages up on my computer screen when my internet went down yet again, so I was kinda forced to read it if I wanted any sort of reading material. And that was way too long of an explanation. Anyways.) It’s a thought-provoking quote and makes me sad because it’s true and I wish I had learned this the easy way before I had to learn it the hard way:

“You don’t need to be proven right; much more is at stake than validation.You’ll never regret being gracious, but you might deeply regret burning a bridge that might one day be safe enough to venture back over.”

Gah those dumb bridges. In real life I love bridges. They are so fun. But metaphorically they are anything but fun.  Whenever I get in a nostalgic, sentimental mood I gaze back at those dumb bridges and wish lots of things. But… lesson learned. No more torching bridges – even if I am right and you are wrong and you are annoying me. She’s right, bridge or no bridge, you won’t regret being gracious. Even if you think he’s being a jerk (and he probably is but still, there is no point in being a jerk back.)

This past week there have been a million and one things to blog about. But with my sketchy internet and general lack of motivation to fight with it for five hours just to post something…clearly I haven’t bothered.  I want to do better. Maybe when I move into Moscow. (We’ll save all that for another post. If it happens.)

The other day, Masha suddenly looks up at me from where we are sitting on the floor and asks in an “I-just-thought-of-something” voice, “Jennifer! Do you speak English?” I wanted to say “um….yeah…that’s what I thought we had been doing this entire time.” Instead I said something like “nope, I only speak Russian.” Then she proceeded to show me some youtube video (Monster High?). I don’t even know anymore if the things these kids show me are American culture turned Russian tv shows or if they are Russian only or what. I am so out of touch with what is popular with today’s American kids/teens and I have only been gone for 8 months. That’s how fast things change! Craziness.

All right…enough of that for today. It’s almost 11 pm and I really hoped to be in bed before midnight (that would make two nights in a row!) so that I could get up early and get to the embassy to pick up my new (yay) passport. Which reminds me. Last time I was there (the only time that I was there) the lady at the counter greeted me in Russian. Then when she realized I was American she said “oh, sorry, I thought you were Russian. You look Russian.” (Did I mention I was in the division of the Embassy that is called “American Citizens Services”? The Russians all go to a different part of the building like half a block away… ) 

Here I had been expecting to be greeted by my fellow patriots. Perhaps with lemonade and Chips Ahoy cookies? And we’d all sing the National Anthem together and reminisce about life in the good ole US of A. And we’d smile at each other. Because we are Americans and we still do that.

But nope, they thought I was Russian and spoke to me in Russian.  In the American Citizens Services division of the United States Embassy. I’d at least thought that given the date (Sept 11) we could all commiserate and share stories of “where we were when…”

Okay, so maybe I expected too much. Clearly I expected too much.

Oh well. As my friends here say. TIR. (This is Russia). So we just go with it. Whatever “it” happens to be at the ever-changing moment.

до свидания, I must go get my beauty sleep so I can go see my Russian friends at the American Embassy tomorrow!

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  1. September 23, 2013 10:14 am

    Thoroughly enjoyed this rambling post! I sometimes appreciate the randomness of information in these types of posts! 🙂 I laughed at the embassy story. That is WAY too funny. I would have expected too much as well I’m thinking.

    Since I already liked almost all those park pics on fb, I’ll just once again say that they are gorgeous and make me want to see it in all it’s fall splendor. 🙂

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