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Emerging from the shadows…

September 13, 2013

After having a “public” blog for 5 years, at the suggestion of a coworker, I made my blog private when I moved to Russia. And now after being here for 7 months, I have made it “public” again and I am not sure how I feel about it. I might make it private again, who knows.

But I suddenly feel that after all these months of sharing my thoughts and feelings with only a small handful of people, it’s weird to have an open blog where anyone in the world can read it. Maybe if I worked harder at being a good writer it wouldn’t feel so weird. Maybe if I stopped rambling and really put some thought into it. I know I can write somewhat intelligently if I make myself do it. After all, how did I make it through graduate school? ;P

Anyways…that’s what’s up with that.

In other news…what started out as a beautiful, crisp, fall day here in Moscow turned into a damp, gray, soggy evening by the time I was headed home at 8pm-ish.

Sad face.

On the bright side, I did bring my umbrella along, despite the fact that (curse you) told me there was no chance of rain in Moscow and only a slight chance of showers late…after midnight. And what greeted me when I stepped off the bus at 9:20 this evening? LOTS of rain and LOTS of puddles – meaning it had been raining for a while. Sigh. you ALWAYS let me down. Why do I keep checking you every day in the hopes that you will one day get it right and by then I will be so skeptical I won’t even believe you anyways. 

Lesson learned. Rainboots and umbrella every day from here on out. I swear Russia is a tropical island and we really only think we are somewhere in the middle of Europe and Asia.

See from the bus window today: 2 accidents  – nothing new there (2 is pretty much the standard daily number now, for whatever odd reason. It’s not a normal day if I don’t see 2 accidents clogging up the road). But it made me smile to watch the 2 cops with their old school measuring tape measuring the distance from the damaged car to the side of the road. They would walk a few feet and measure again. It makes me smile to see the way they do things here, but it sure is annoying that they don’t get accidents off the road quickly like we do in America. I used to think they needed better road infrastructure (and they do) but now I know that if they would just haul their hit cars off to the side of the road that would improve things by…a whole lot.

And speaking of the funny way they deal with things here, I wish I had taken a picture of the road construction job that I saw outside the apartment I went to look at the other day. If I move in there, which I most likely will, I will be sure to post a pic for you all to see. Russia might be quirky but it sure keeps me laughing (when I am not crying. That’s a joke. Mostly)

Okay, that’s all. If my funky internet will let me I will try to post more Europe pics tmw!

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  1. September 13, 2013 12:38 pm

    I guess I need to be more careful about my comments now that you are public again. haha jk – mostly. 😀

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