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Wet Russia and other ramblings

September 7, 2013

I realized today that I don’t blog much anymore about my life here in Russia, so I decided to put up a couple random things today.

1. Tomorrow is election day here in Russia. I had thought it was a presidential election, ha, but it’s not. It’s a Moscow mayoral race. Should be interesting times in the city tomorrow. Too bad I have no plans to be there, it would be interesting. I am determined to start paying more attention to the news that is going on around here me. To that end I just “liked” the Moscow Times on facebook, ha. Now I can get updates conveniently and in English too!

2. It has been raining almost NONSTOP lately. I had no idea it rained so much here!! Last year we had record snowfall (the most in 85 years I think?) and if this consistent rain keeps up, I think we can safely say we will have another wet winter.  Joy. =) I really need to go look for rainboots so I can start just wading through the ubiquitous puddles instead of always having to backtrack to find another route around them (my path to the bus is consistently flooding). I also need to start leaving even earlier for work since all the rain is producing more accidents and more traffic and the past two days I was late to work! (The bus usually takes 40 minutes to get me into Moscow. Yesterday it took more than double that.) Another reason to move into Moscow. No more buses and delays in getting to the city. No more getting TO the city!

3. Today as I was walking down the street to throw away my trash, I saw/heard a car that appeared to have skidded off the road and under a tree. The car had mud streaked on the side of it, and there were tire marks through the huge mud puddle it had just apparently driven through. I noticed there was some commotion and crying/yelling going on inside the car, and I also noticed a man farther up ahead near the garbage cans where I was headed. I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I hesitantly continued on down the road towards the dumpsters. Apparently the man by the trash cans was part of the group at the car, and he must have noticed me looking at the car. As I dumped my trash and headed back towards the house, he called to me. “девушка” (young girl). I turned back and he proceeded to rattle of something that I, for the most part, didn’t understand. All I understood of it was that he didn’t want me to call the police. In Russian I apologized that I didn’t speak Russian and asked if he spoke English. He didn’t appear to want to have a conversation, so I asked if they needed help in the car and he said no. So I continued back to the house, now a bit unnerved that the girl was obviously crying hysterically, and yelling at the other man who was still in the car, and they didn’t want the police called. I have no idea what happened, but it didn’t look good to me. Later, Hannah told me that people often deal drugs around here. Maybe it had something to do with that, I have no idea. I felt bad for the girl and wanted to do something, but they said it was best not to get involved.

4.  On Wednesday I will be going to look at a place for rent in Moscow. Well, a room for rent in an apartment. I am excited and a bit nervous. If I do move out there I will be “on my own” (kinda) in Moscow.  The lady I would be renting from is a Russian believer and she sounds nice and I’ve heard positive things from the school that put me in contact with her. We’ll see how it goes. Seems like I just get used to something around here and then it changes. =) So many things have happened/changed over the last few months since I came here that I feel like I have been here much longer than I really have. 2013 is definitely one for the record books in my life, ha.

5. It’s getting cold here. We “officially” turned on the heaters in the house.  Thankfully the heaters in Moscow haven’t been turned on yet (yes, the entire apartment complexes get turned on/off all at once. People in them have no say over that) because for at least a few days I can enjoy a perfect temperature when I go to work. I dread the day when they get their heat turned on, it’s always so hot in the house then when I go to work!

6. The other night we went into Moscow to try a “new” (been there for at least 6 months now) Mexican restaurant in the city.  It’s “Mexican” like Chipotle or something like that. (You go through and add things to your meal like a Subway.)  We went on a Monday and on Mondays guacamole is бесплатно (free) – one of my favorite words here, ha. It’s expensive (my nachos that might cost 8.00 max in the states cost 15.00 here, but Mexican is almost impossible to come by here so for a splurge now and then it’s worth it. I hope they stay in business! Did I mention they even had black beans???? I can NOT find black beans here anywhere. I’ve even googled it and noticed that other expats have in the past tried to find them as well.  Moe’s, I hope you last longer than all the American pizza places do. I’ll do my best to support you when I can. =)

After dinner we decided to walk around Moscow till we got to the next metro stop and then we’d go home from there. While wandering we noticed that Red Square was blocked off for something, and we heard band music playing. Then I heard bagpipes! =) When we got closer we saw lots of guys in kilts playing bagpipes! Something was going on, but we weren’t sure what. Joel talked to one of the policemen and found out that some international music festival was going on. Apparently military bands from around the world were performing. I so wanted to go, and the others were somewhat interested, so we made the circuitous route around the roadblocks and through GUM to where tickets were being sold. The cheapest tickets for that night were 45.00 so we decided to pass. Then Joel told us that it was only like 6 countries being represented (the UK/bagpipers being one of them) and they were mostly former Soviet countries performing so at least then I didn’t feel like I was missing out on quite as much as if it had been a lot of countries. Still would have been fun. After the performance there were going to be fireworks at 10 PM but we would miss our bus back if we stayed. (This is another reason it would be nice to be IN the city – the metro runs till like 3 AM so if you live near a metro stop you don’t have to worry about being stranded in the city).

7. On Sunday I booked my ticket home for Christmas!! I had been looking online the night before and found what I thought was a good deal ($827) and emailed my mom to see if the dates worked for her. In the morning I refreshed the webpage to see if the flight was still available and the price had dropped to $643! Round trip. So I immediately booked it and hoped my parents were okay with it, ha. Seemed like such a fabulous price to me! A blessing from God;  He knew I had had a bummer day, I think, and needed some cheering up. =)

8. A few days ago I finished my TESOL course, yay! My awesomeness in the English world over here just totally shot up, even though I don’t think it helped me learn a single thing. But now I should be even more “marketable” so that’s a good thing.

Okay, that’s some of the past week’s happenings. Life is never dull around here!

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  1. September 11, 2013 9:00 am

    Wow, so much in that post! Loved all the info. Hooray on finishing your course! 🙂

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