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Germany part 2

September 2, 2013

At the end of our 9 day tour we ended up back in Munich and hopped on the train we had already booked ahead of time and headed north for Cologne. We had no definite plans from that point on, with the exception that we had already booked an apartment for 3 days in Paris and flights back to our respective homes from Paris.  I had no idea what to expect when we got to Cologne, so I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at a big, clean, beautiful house that would be our home for the next few days. We were staying with some of Christy’s relatives whom she had never met. They were so friendly and welcoming and we had a great time for two days there. We ate LOTS of yummy Turkish food and were shown around by Christy’s cousin who is a doctor there. We saw Cologne by night the first day we arrived, then saw it again the next day during the day. We also drove to a beautiful castle  where we then hiked up to the top and had a beautiful view of the Rhine and the cities below. I absolutely love Germany with it’s scenic views, ubiquitous castles and amazing baked goods and chocolates, and this visit did not disappoint.

The pictures below are completely out of order but with my internet here I am not even going to try and fix them. Sorry. =(


I love passion fruit flowers. (Look at the tightly curled tendrils inside the leaf at the bottom)


Dinner in the wood-fired stove in the backyard




Christy’s uncle making dinner



Christy pretending to cook =)


Cologne and the Rhine at night







Cologne Cathedral at night




These houses are all incredibly old. The dates on them are the dates they were built.


We did it! We made it all the way to the top of the mountain!



It was a really hazy day so the pics aren’t that great, but it was really pretty up there!


Part of the old castle






Candles in the Cathedral


It’s a bit hard to tell but this stained glass looked like a pixilated tv screen or something. It seemed so “modern” compared to the rest of the windows


Elaborate mosaic floor


Expensive modern apartment buildings where apparently some of Germany’s soccer players live. Think I’d be a little nervous living in one of those end apartment buildings!


One of the street performers – pretending to be sitting on air


Christy’s uncle preparing the table outside for dinner


Backyard of the house where we stayed



I forget what this stuff is called, but it’s amazing!


Cathedral during the day


Heading up to the castle (it’s called “Dragon Castle”)


Views along the walk/hike


I was so happy to find blackberries along the way =)


The actual castle


An old abandoned building along the way


The old castle at the very top of the mountain




Sour cherry waffles with vanilla sauce. Yum-o



A bit hard to see but these beautiful sun rays made me stop and smile along the walk back down

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  1. September 3, 2013 8:59 am

    Loved all the pics – as always. I hadn’t seen most of those ones yet (if they are on fb, I haven’t had time to look through them yet. ) 😀

  2. michellemajor2013 permalink
    September 3, 2013 5:42 pm

    Beautiful.I can’t believe what i’ve missed.It would be amazing staying at someones home and get the true cultural experience.(Even if it was turkish in germany lol)

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