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I’m home!

August 28, 2013

I’m “home”! Can’t you see how excited I am? ↓


I’m not much a fan of jumping pictures. Mostly because I stink at jumping and literally can only jump like 2 inches off the ground. Or something like that. Conveniently our legs happened to be cut off in this picture so you can’t tell, but I am pretty sure I’m probably only 2 inches off the ground. Max. Anyways…everyone else around us was jumping, so naturally Christy wanted to jump on the bandwagon too (pun not exactly intended).

ANYways…I have some major, major blogging to catch up on because I feel like I have been gone for months and months and feel like I saw all of Europe in 2.5 weeks due to the fact that we kept crisscrossing Germany by plane and train. (Flew to Munich. Bus tour through Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, back to Germany. Took the train from Munich up to Cologne for 2 days. Flew from Cologne to the French Riviera for 3 days. Train from Nice to Paris. Flew from Paris to Munich for a layover, then back to Moscow.)

I feel like we covered a lot of ground and saw a LOT (esp on those long train rides!) in a short amount of time (although it didn’t feel short). We had a FABULOUS time and other than one rainy day in Paris we had awesome weather. We had cool weather for the first part, then hot weather on the Riviera, then back to cool, Fall-ish weather up in Paris. Loved it. Came back to fall-ish weather here in Russia too. I wasn’t expecting it so soon but I love fall so I am happy. (Except that fall doesn’t sound as fun here as in CA or New England or something, boo.)

We’ve been keeping busy ever since I got back here (yesterday). I flew in at 4 and got through passport control fairly quickly, but luggage took forever. And then all the bags stopped coming and my heart sank. Mine wasn’t there! On the little tram ride from the plane to the gate we had passed someone’s suitcase just lying in the road, with people driving past it and around it, so all sorts of things crossed my mind. With a bit of sadness I called Mrs. R and asked if she could come in when she got to the airport and help me figure out where it was (this is sorta routine here, bleh). She said they would speak English and told me where to go so I walked over there and THERE WAS MY SUITCASE! Along with a whole lot of people who were filing complaints, and a whole lot of luggage sitting there! Talk about relief.

After getting picked up we headed straight to the hardware store where they needed to pick up a new toilet for my bathroom apparently – that was happy news! We got home a few hours later and I unpacked, did laundry, did some cleaning and helped with some projects around the house while John fixed my leaking shower (which, after 2 “fixes,” still leaks – only he doesn’t know that yet. I am sure he will be thrilled when I tell him tomorrow!) and V worked on the spare room that will be hosting a family for a month in Oct. (My new neighbors will be bringing with them a newborn – oh the joy, I can hardly wait lol). Today we all did more stuff in that spare room (scraping, priming, cleaning, etc). Michelle and I worked some in the kitchen (peeling off old wallpaper border) and did dishes, cleaning, and fun stuff like that. =) I tried in vain to work on a church calendar for hours this evening and decided to go at it again tomorrow morning. I also did some work on my tesol course (almost finished, finally!).

That’s pretty much what’s new here. God has been blessing me and taking care of all the little things (ie new phone charger!) that I have needed so that’s been a blessing. Hopefully I will start working again soon since I literally have 42 rubles (not even enough to take the bus into Moscow) and I can’t use my credit card at any of the local stores here in town. It’s weird not having normal access to a bank like I am used to!

Anyways, I hope each of you has a fabulous, grace-filled week!

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  1. August 28, 2013 1:46 pm

    Uh oh, it still I think I forgot to tell you that I broke our washer the other day. We are awaiting the part so Matt can fix it. lol

    Your trip looked so fun! I can’t wait to see blog posts (I hope) from it, so I can actually read about what you did! 🙂 Welcome home!

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