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August 4, 2013

Hannah and I flew into Barcelona for our cruise and spent two days there before our ship set sail for our first port of call, the Spanish island of Palma de Mallorca. I had signed us up to do a free walking tour of Barcelona, so after checking in on our ship and dumping our luggage in our rooms, we took the port shuttle to the city center and got directions on how to walk to the meeting place for our tour. As we were waiting to head off our our tour, Hannah and I left the group to go buy water bottles, before rejoining the group as they were getting ready to leave. As we sat waiting to leave, I suddenly realized my camera was gone. I quickly looked around and my heart sank as I really realized it was gone. I asked the tour leader if she had seen it anywhere and she immediately told me “the pickpockets are terrible here. We always warn the group to be really careful.” My heart sank even further at that point. So it must have been stolen. I was SO sad. I had pics from the day already on the camera, and now my whole trip wouldn’t be recorded. My heart wasn’t really into the talk as we set off on the tour, but I tried to forget about the camera and just enjoy the tour. It was hard, but I tried. I figured after the tour maybe I could find a camera shop and just buy a camera. It wouldn’t be the same as the one David had given me, but at least I’d have one. The group stopped at one point and sat on some steps in front of an old building. As I sat there, my mind wandered in and out of the history presentation. I just prayed, “Lord, I know you know EXACTLY where my camera is and I have NO idea how I could ever get it back, but if possible, please just get it back to me.” It was exactly at that moment that I suddenly almost heard this voice telling me to go check the last place I had been, the place where we had gotten water. I would have NEVER even thought of that on my own. It hadn’t even crossed my mind. Even as I quickly told Hannah where I was going and left the group, I really was still kind of in shock and not entirely sure why I was going. I didn’t really think I had set it down there. But I figured it didn’t hurt to at least go check. I almost ran back to the shop and when I went in and asked the lady behind the counter, at first she didn’t understand. Then her face lit up and she motioned for me to follow her and there behind the counter was my camera! The entire shop staff smiled and gestured that they had been hoping someone would come back for it. I can’t even describe how relieved I was at that point! I was in AWE of how immediately God had answered my prayer. In fact I was so in awe and SO thankful that I didn’t even feel stupid for having left it there in the first place! (Which I SHOULD feel stupid).

I am so, so thankful to have it back! We definitely kept a close hold on our belongings after the guide’s warning about pickpockets (“just this week we lost a bicycle and 3 iPhones” she had told us). Later on when we attended on board church services a lady told about how she and her husband had been robbed in Barcelona right before boarding the ship!

Lesson learned.


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