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Travel fun

August 3, 2013

As I sit here in the cruise terminal, I see a man trying to take 4 pizza boxes with him back on board! You know you are in Naples, Italy when you see that, ha. (Supposed birthplace of pizza).

Today we found two couples to share a taxi (van) with us and went to Herculenaeum (sp?) – the other city, besides Pompeii, that was destroyed in 79 AD by Mt. Vesuvius’ eruption and Sorrento, near the Amalfi Coast! The views along the way were beautiful, the ruins and artifacts at Herculenaeum amazing (better preserved than Pompeii, according to our travel guide on the ship), and overall it was a fun day. While in Sorrento we stumbled upon a salon and randomly and very spur of the moment decided to get our eyebrows/lips waxed since it only cost 5 Euros. =) I also found super adorable purses there, but had lent 50 Euros to a lady in our taxi who had forgotten to bring enough money to cover the taxi, so was unable to shop. I took pics instead.

Tomorrow we arrive in Rome and have to somehow navigate our way to the airport via two trains and a bus. Hannah says she knows how to do it, so we’ll see. 😉 Saw on the news last night that the US has issued warnings for Americans traveling abroad, and will be closing many embassies tomorrow, so here’s hoping things go smoothly for both of our flights back to Russia! (Layover in Vienna).
Some views of Monte Carlo, Monaco, from our ship:






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  1. August 3, 2013 10:55 am

    That first picture is unreal, very cool

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