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The Mediterranean

August 2, 2013

Right now I am sitting in a little cafe in Palermo, Sicily, using free wifi, along with Hannah and Cathy, a Canadian we befriended and have sorta hung out with around the ship and towns these past few days. We met her up at team trivia and then today we wanted to see the same things in Palermo so we got a taxi tour with her and her aunt.

Anyways…so far things have been great, OTHER than the fact that the day before the cruise, the president (?) of Tunisia was killed, and therefore our port in Tunisia was cancelled (and replaced with Cagliari, Sardinia) AND the fact that due to “bad” weather, we didn’t actually dock in Monte Carlo, Monaco! (The TWO ports we specifically booked this cruise for.) We pulled into port and then left after about an hour, due to high winds that the captain said would be dangerous to the ship. We did all get pics with the city in the background, but didn’t get to go ashore. So we are still debating whether or not we can actually say we went to Monte Carlo. (We technically were since we were in their water and not international waters anymore, but….I’m not sure if I want to count it as one of my 30).

Tomorrow is our last port, Naples. We still haven’t decided what we are doing, but we are leaning towards Pompeii and or Herculanaeum.

The day after tomorrow we port in Rome, disembark, fly to Vienna for a layover, and then get in to Moscow at 3:50 AM (yay!). Then 6 days later I fly to Munich to meet up with Christy to travel for 2.5 weeks. I am so looking forward to the short time I get to unpack and do laundry before heading out again. Who knows, though, the chaos that will meet me when I get back (church camp is using my apartment for the week).

Life is never dull. =)


Art display in Marseille, France. =) Flags of the world.

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  1. August 2, 2013 9:51 am

    You didn’t get to go to Monte Carlo???! BOOOO! Dumb. haha. It sounds as if your trip is still fun, though. 🙂 Hope you’re having a great time! I’m enjoying the pics!

    • August 3, 2013 7:43 am

      Yeah, I was bummed. Guess it’s good I hadn’t found Lamborghini’s to book for Monaco bc I would have lost all that money. A lot of people had booked things outside the cruise line and lost their money. =(

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