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2 more days till the Mediterranean!

July 22, 2013

Now that it’s almost here, I am getting really excited about my upcoming trip with Hannah! I realized the other day that it’s been over a year since I last took a cruise. I’ve almost forgotten all the things that I do/don’t need to pack for cruising! I found some great free tours (New Sandemans) for when we are in Barcelona and also in Marseille, France. (We used them for the first time ever when in Dublin and absolutely loved them! If you are planning any Europe trips, check out the link to see if one of your cities is on the list!). We’ll also use them for my next trip when we are in Paris and possibly for a few of our other destinations. Free is always good! I tried to book a Lamborghini ride for when in Monaco (see my bucket list) but alas there apparently is no such opportunity available. The only cars I found were Ferraris. I was tempted for a few minutes, but somehow it just doesn’t seem as cool. So I’ll just have to pretend to be rich some other way. 😉

Tomorrow I have to head in to Moscow at 8 AM to work till 1:30, then I’ll head back home to do a local English lesson till 7:30. Then it’s packing and heading out at 4 AM the next morning (ouch!).

While the weather here in Domodedovo has been almost non-stop rain, the forecast for all of our upcoming destinations is nothing but HOT. Moscow has spoiled me in that it doesn’t really get HOT hot here. But while I am really excited for the next few weeks, I am dreading the weather just a little bit.

Anyways…that’s the news here. I’ll be back in 11 days for church camp before heading back out again for the rest of August.

Hope you all have a good summer!! Do something amazing and daring, you only live once!! =)

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