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Nothing new

July 14, 2013

There’s nothing new going on here at the moment. I was just online and decided to update the blog. With nothing new. That makes sense, I know.

At the moment I have french fries in the toaster oven cooking for dinner. Yep, didn’t feel like actually making anything. Terrible, I know. But I ate healthy yesterday so I figure it’s ok. =)

And…I am still slogging through my TESOL course. It’s bugging me because it’s making me do so much work and I had thought it would be easy or teach me how to teach English or something. Instead it’s making me “learn” how to do citations and boring things that I won’t use for teaching English. But I am about 70% of the way through it, so I am getting there slowly but surely.

Last night at church we had an all-night prayer meeting so that really threw off my sleeping schedule today. We went until 6 AM and then I slept till 10 when I got up and got ready for church at 11 AM. Then a nap again and now it’s 11 PM and I am wide awake. Not that that is really anything new though. On nights when I don’t have to work in the morning I usually stay up much later.

The prayer meeting was such a blessing and reminded me of the all-night teen prayer meetings that we would do before camp. Such a great time spent with God and with each other. It’s going to be a yearly tradition, apparently, but I wish we would do it more often. I think it was really good for the church and I know it was a blessing to me.

I am still in awe, daily, whenever I stop and really consider all that God has done in my life. I am so thankful that He is SO faithful and merciful and that He works in the ways that He does. Looking back on my life, I never in a million years dreamed I’d ever live in Russia. And yet, I am so incredibly thankful that He led me here. It has been THE best thing that I have ever done and I am constantly overwhelmed by it.  It’s so neat to be able to look back over your life and see the things that God used to bring you to a certain place, to prepare you for something. It gives great encouragement for the future and for when future problems arise. Just because something seems to be a problem now doesn’t mean that God isn’t using it in our life to prepare us for what He has in store for the future. The fact that we can trust Him no matter what is such a great feeling.  I have no idea what the future holds, and that thought can be scary. Even being here, trying to live by faith, I still find myself at times worrying and wondering about what the future will hold. As preposterous as that sounds, it’s true. I can only shake my head at myself and wonder how I can be living here, obviously totally by God’s provision, and wonder about the future. As if God will forget me in the future. How prone I am to want to know all the details! But then I spend time with God and remember that the future is all in His hands and I don’t need to know all the details right now. Had he told me years ago that He’d send me to Russia someday, I probably would have freaked out because I wasn’t ready for that yet. So I know He will prepare me for whatever it is as I daily try to walk with Him and draw closer to Him. And the closer I get to Him, the more in awe I am of Him and His goodness. I could never in a million years come close to deserving it,  and I fail Him so often,  yet He is so good to bless me anyways.

If there is one thing I could tell everyone to do  it would be to put yourself in a place to live by faith.  I have seen God do so many amazing things now that I have given Him more of an opportunity to do them in my life! He is always faithful and He says over and over again in His Word that when we live and walk by faith it pleases Him. When you give up those things that you think you want, you will find He replaces them with things that are far greater than those things you thought you wanted! He is so good to us.



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  1. July 18, 2013 9:06 am

    thank you. You did it again…. your words could in fact be my words. I understand perfectly! Grateful for a Loving, Faithful God!!!

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